You know, just when I begin to think that I’m in control of some of the cooler things that are going on around here, some super-enthusiastic Hubber seems to trump me every single time. I guess it’s a good thing that I love it when this happens or I just might eventually end up becoming a completely hopeless, grumpy mess (more than I am now, of course). 🙂

So what did a Hubber come up with this time? Well, if you take a look over at this forum post you’ll quickly see that KCC Big Country, who just happens to be a HubChallenge veteran and a member of the official HubChallenge team, has decided to create her own October HubChallenge as a way to get all of you Hubbers motivated for this Halloween month.

Even though we’re already 6 days into this fine Fall month of October, if you’re looking for a fun way to get a nice kick-in-the-booty when it comes to giving your HubPages performance a boost, there’s still plenty of time to join KCC Big Country and the other Hubbers that have already decided that they’re taking on this HubChallenge.

In other words: JUST FOLLOW THE MONKEY!!! (you won’t be sorry that you did)

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2 replies on “KCC Big Country Creates Her Own October HubChallenge

  1. Thanks Ryan! I’ve been fortunate that a good group of hubbers have decided to join me in having some fun in October! I’ve seen what the HubChallenge can do. I can’t help but try to encourage others to join in. If you can commit to writing consistently you’ll see such great improvements in every area. You just can’t keep something like that to yourself!

  2. The hubchallenge is a great way to motivate us hubbers to deliver more quality content hubs as we develop further.
    Thanks to hubchallenges (this is my 2nd), i’ve been ‘pushed’ to work better and write more. Which of course boosts my earnings. So i am glad.

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