The fact that I have been here over a year now kind of amazes me every time that I think about it. Although a year doesn’t really sound like that long of a time to be somewhere, for me it’s sometimes hard to remember that I used to work somewhere other than HubPages. I guess that’s a good sign of how much I love it here and how much fun we have keeping up with all of you Hubbers.

Once I remembered that I had been here for over a year now, it made me start to think about some of the more HubPages-releated things that must now have been going on for over a year, too. For instance, the HubMob, which is a way for a bunch of Hubbers to all write together on one chosen topic (more info in this Hub by Princessa), has now been a part of the HubPages community for over a year now, too. I initially started the beginnings of the HubMob by posting something in the forums titled So, I have crazy idea…A HubMob? and after much enouragement and help from the HubPages community, that eventually snowballed into the first ever HubMob that was themed All About Various Popular Hair Styles: Their history and how to create them, which to this day is still one of the most popular HubMobs that has ever been created (more on that later).

Well, nearly a year later the HubMob is now managed by the runway-walking, bike-wrecking and super-awesome Princessa who keeps the interesting themes coming each and every week and the forum action moving. The always helpful ProCW and Shirley Anderson have also chipped in quite a bit of their time along the way, which shows just how much fun the HubMob is and how important is has become to the rest of the Hubbing community.

So, now that the HubMob is over a year old, I wanted to dig into some of the stats that go along with it so that all of you can see just how great joining the HubMob has been for the HubMobsters who have chosen to do so. Take a look at the stats below and if you have a question that you’d like to ask about the HubMob or if you have some thoughts on how to make it better, please let us know in the comments below.

  • The first HubMob was about various hairstyles and was first posted on September 8th, 2008 and there has been a HubMob posted up ever single week since (I actually think that we missed on over New Years, but who’s counting?).
  • The first HubMob is still the most viewed with a total of 196,474 Hub views for just 38 Hubs.
  • There are 52 total HubMobs and they have generated 1,882 Hubs that were published by 1,397 HubMobsters.
  • On average, there are 36 HubMob Hubs published each week by 27 HubMobsters.
  • The HubMob has generated 1,151,726 Hub views over the last year and this number is currently increasing by nearly 50,000 views a week.
  • On average, each of the 1,882 HubMob Hubs have been viewed 611 times.
  • The most prolific HubMobster is Patty Inglish, MS who has published 79 HubMob Hubs that have been viewed 60,608 times, meaning that on average each of her HubMob Hubs have been viewed 767 times.
  • Out of the 52 HubMobs 30 have generated over 10,000 total Hub views.

As you can see, the HubMob has been going strong for over a year now and is showing no signs of ever slowing down. Thanks to Princessa and the rest of the HubMob helpers, I’m thinking that it will be around long enough for a 2 year anniversary post, too, which makes this Hubber very, very happy. If you ever want to join up with the rest of the HubMobsters, check out this link and you’ll always be directed to the latest and greatest that the HubMob has to offer you:

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12 replies on “The HubMob’s 1 Year Anniversary And Some Of It’s More Interesting History And Stats

  1. Happy 1st Birthday, HubMob!

    What a great year. It’s been tons of fun and I believe that it stimulates creativity while it motivates. Thanks for choosing such great topics, Princessa!

    Regarding the hair HubMob, mine has outperformed most of my other hubs. I remember you announcing that topic, good call, Hup.

    Looking forward to next year’s anniversary post. 🙂

  2. I admit that previously I was against HubChallenge due to bad quality articles but the week I did HubMob on cosmetic surgery and written 8 hubs in 7 days in that HubMob Weekly, visits on my account increased and then doubled over a time period. Now I realize the power of HubMob as I have done it and will keep on doing it plus I am very positive about HubChallenge and will do in November 2009. Best of luck to me.

  3. Happy birthday!!!

    I am so happy you asked me to help with the HubMob, it has been great fun being part of it. I object to being called a bike-wrecker though, LOL

    Honestly it has been a great and rewarding experience to be part of the hubmob. Let’s go for many, many more!

  4. Posting a reply to the HubMob got me noticed to become a HubNugget. Thanks for starting such a fun group… that reminds me, whats this weeks topic 😉

  5. Hi,
    I am a member of hubpages, but each day i come across different things posted on facebook, which i don’t even know about. For example the KCC Big Country challenge and Hubmob. Could someone please advice me as to how i find out more about these, and exactly what they are. Are there any links in hubpages that i can read. I am new to hubpages, so sorry if i have caused you guys any inconvenience.
    Thanks a lot in advance

  6. HEY, I WANT TO BE A HUB MOBSTER, too, so how can I become one? I am fairly new at this, but I am loving it more and more. I just did a new hub today, and I had to muster the courage to write some of it today on “LOVING ANGELS”. Happy 1st birthday HUB MOBSTERS.

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