I love hearing a good story from Hubbers who have found a way to take their HubPages success to a whole new level and today I am honored and delighted to bring one of these stories to all of you. If you haven’t run into KCC Big Country somewhere on HubPages yet, odds are that you will probably see her very soon considering that she has not only joined several HubChallenges over the past several months, but she now is a member of the 30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge team AND she has now launched her own HubChallenge for the month of October. Yeah, like I said — she’s everywhere and sooner or later you’ll be running into her (whether you like it or not). 🙂

Well, here lately I have been lucky enough to learn more and more about KCC Big Country and as she told all about what she has been up to lately on HubPages, I knew that I had to shoot her a few questions so that some of her knowledge and techniques could be used by other Hubbers who are wanting to see some serious results. So, as promised, here is a quick interview with the one and only KCC Big Country:

1. Hey Karen! I’m so excited to interview you for the Payout Chronicles and thanks for taking the time to answer a few of my questions about how you have become such a successful Hubber over the past year. I guess that my first question would be, how exactly did you find HubPages and what made you initially stick around?
Thank you so much, Ryan! I love telling my hub story!  I have been working on a book for several years and have had trouble figuring out how to pull all the chapters together into a cohesive book.  This lead me to a creative writing course at a local junior college.  I expressed this issue to my instructor and she suggested that I consider writing articles instead.  I conducted a search online for sites that allow you to do that.  That’s how I found HubPages.  I signed up and began posting articles even before my six weeks class was up.  What made me stay initially?  The user-friendly system, the flexibility it afforded me, and the feedback from the nicest people in the world.

2. OK, so I have heard a rumor that it took you 10 months to reach your first $100 payout from AdSense? Why do you think that it took you such a long time to get the money flowing in during those first 10 months? Did you ever get frustrated and feel like giving up?
That is true, Ryan, it did take me 10 months to reach that first AdSense payout.  I think, for me, it took awhile to find my voice and figure out what people like to read about.  Without research and dedication to improvement, I don’t think anyone can just hit the ground knowing that stuff.  Giving up has NEVER been a consideration.  Everytime I didn’t make a payout, it made me more determined to figure out how I could.

3. Also, I have heard another rumor that it has only taken you 2 months to reach your second $100 AdSense payout? Please pardon me if I seem a little surprised, but how did you end up pulling that off? Give us your secrets!
That rumor is also true.  My second payout is higher than the first and it only took me 2 months instead of 10.  My secret weapon is the HubChallenge.  The HubChallenge is what has made all the difference for me.  I have participated in three 30 day challenges since May.   You have to research and write consistently in order to improve your skills, get to know your audience, and get into a groove that allows your creativity to flow.

4. You are an official member of the 30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge Team, which is pretty sweet, what types of advice, encouragement or thoughts do you have on Hubbers, both new and old, about joining the HubChallenge? Would it be worth their time and what will they get out of it?
It is such an honor for me to be an official team member of the HubChallenge Team.  I am extremely passionate about the HubChallenge and what it can do.  Like I said, I owe my success to participating in the challenges.  I encourage all hubbers to try it, push yourselves to do it.  It is so worth it.  You will learn so much about yourself, your fans, your writing, and the monetary rewards make it all that much more sweeter.

5. I feel that one of the things that you did really well was consistently writing quality and original Hubs and once you decided that you were going to write a certain amount of Hubs in a month you actually stuck with it, which is pretty awesome. Any general tips that you would like to offer up to any of the thousands of Hubbers that are out there who might be wondering how they can be successful like you?
I think so many get discouraged because they can’t imagine coming up with 30 topics.  People really sell themselves short.  You know more about things than you think.  Even if you don’t, research it.  Learn about it.  Share what you learned.  The best advice I can give is to sit down periodically and brainstorm topics.  Think about the things that interest you, that you know a bit about, or that you’d like to know more about.  I actually create the hubs and begin researching keywords relating to those topics.  That way I always have about a dozen hubs I can work on anytime I sit down at my computer.  I never ever ever have writers block.  I always have something interesting to research or write about.  Once you’re in that groove inspiration pops up all around you.

6. Any final thoughts that you would like to let everyone know about? This is your time to say whatever you want (within reason, of course). 🙂
I think the newer writers are sometimes intimidated by the scoring system and consider some people as unapproachable.  Don’t get too wrapped up in the scoring. I think that most everyone on this site is willing to help someone else if they can.  My advice is don’t be afraid to ask.  Click on the “email” button and shoot them an email if you have a question.  We’ve all been where you are and we’d love to help you get where we are.

Thanks again to KCC Big Country for all of the awesome info and if you’d like to keep up with her latest and greatest Hubs be sure to become her fan now!

Also, here are a few screenshots that clearly show just how much of an impact the HubChallenge has had on KCC Big Country’s HubPages success:

Yep, she’s definitely seen quite a boost in traffic here lately

A timeline of KCC Big Country’s HubPages journey

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One thought on “The Payout Chronicles: How KCC Big Country Has Rocked Out The HubChallenge To Her Advantage

  1. Awesome! i’m glad i’m towing this path too. Joined KCC’s challenge, making it my 2nd hubchallenge and hope to have good results just as Karens.
    I already see a great improvement after my 1st challenge.
    Hubchallenge to me, is the best way to get ‘there’.

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