Be sure to check out this this week’s installment of the HubNugget Wannabes and the latest and greatest HubMob. This week’s HubMob is all about the upcoming holiday of Halloween (one of my personal favs) and already has over 30 HubMobsters contributing to the spookiness.

Once you’re done getting the you-know-what scared out of you over at the HubMob, be sure to check the latest and greatest Hubbers and their fresh, out of the oven HubNuggets. There are 10 HubNuggets for you to check out and once you’ve decided on which one you think is the tastiest of the bunch, be sure to place your vote so that it can be one step closer to achieving the ultimate HubNugget glory — getting sent out in the HubPages Weekly newsletter.

Thanks for your time and now back to your regularly scheduled program…

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