Fascinating FictionPast stories featured in the Fascinating Fiction podcast have taken place in the past- sometimes the ’50s, sometimes in old country Western times… but never before have they gone all the way back to Biblical times.

In this week’s Fascinating Fiction Podcast (The Three Gifts from the Wise Men), SamboRambo reads a story of his revolving around an exchange between some individuals you might recognize from a rather famous publication indeed- the Bible!  The sweet tale is about sacrifice and faith, and is a heartwarming read for religious and nonreligious alike.

SamboRambo’s narration is excellent- we’re so glad to have another Hubber’s voice come forth in this series.  If you, too, would like to read one of your short fiction stories for the Fascinating Fiction podcast, let us know! We would love to hear from you.

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2 replies on “The Three Gifts from the Wise Men

  1. This story is such a beautiful show of how one sows seed and reaps the harvest. That night of gifting reaped eternal life for Avishai in addition to receiving his original gift back. How gorgeous that is. Jesus was always incredibly compassionate and loving. I can see this tale happening.

  2. To read your tale I memorized my chilhood. In that time my grandma told me such favourite stories.

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