Fascinating FictionI’m a sucker for short, funny stories, so when Hyphenbird shared Once Upon a Childhood: Pirate’s Gold with me, I knew we had to make a podcast of it!  Though she created her own fantastic recording, some technical glitches have prevented me from using it for the time being, so this week’s Fascinating Fiction podcast (Pirate Gold) is in my voice.

I hope you enjoy Hyphenbird’s story- it has a fantastic twist at the end!  If you don’t have time to plug in and listen to something, do check out the Hub itself, and have a look at Part II of this story as well.

Big thanks to Hyphenbird for sharing these fun vignettes with us.

Do you have a short story on HubPages that you think would be good for a stand-alone podcast, or do you have a microphone and some interest in contributing your voice to this podcast series? If so, send an email to us!

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3 replies on “Once Upon a Childhood: Pirate Gold

  1. Am so glad you turned this delightful short story into a Podcast. It is so funny and the twist at the end is great!

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