Though known primarily for his Emerland Wells Cafe series on HubPages (which has already been featured in the Fascinating Fiction podcast series), mckbirdbks also writes the occasional stand-alone short story.  One of these is Theodore Shade- a somewhat dark vignette that builds up an impressive amount of tension.  Have a listen!

If you don’t have time to download or stream the podcast (or even if you do!) be sure to check out the original Hub. It’s a good one.

If you have any suggestions for future Fascinating Fiction podcasts, or if you would be interested in contributing some recordings of your own, send us an email! You can reach us by emailing podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.

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2 replies on “Theodore Shade

  1. Oh my gosh! How can I go downstairs now to do my laundry? I am screaming and grateful to be here alone. I promise to be extra nice to my boy tonight.. That mckbirdbks can write something this scary just amazes me. His Emerald Wells series is so homey and even romantic. I suppose it is true that we all have two sides.
    These October scary story podcasts are going to be fabulous!

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