Fascinating FictionCreation stories, ‘why’ stories, and origins stories are great fun, which is most likely why Truckstop Sally created a series of them on HubPages.

This week, we’re featuring a particularly popular edition of her ‘why’ series – Why the Zebra Has Stripes.  This short, fun, playful, and poignant story is sure to entertain.

Big thanks to Truckstop Sally for sharing this story with us! I urge you to check out the original, as well as Truckstop Sally’s other ‘why’ stories: Elephant/trunk,  Turtle/shell,  Sheep/bleat,   Chicken/teethKangaroo/pouch,  Giraffe/neck,  Deer/antler,  Octopus/8 arms,  and  Seahorse/pregnant.

If you have a short fictional story that would go well with the Fascinating Fiction podcast series, or if you are interested in contributing your own recordings (either of you reading your own work or that of another Hubber), send us an email at podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.  We would love to hear from you!

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5 replies on “Why the Zebra Has Stripes

  1. Thanks for this awesome podcast. Truckstop Sally must be an amazing teacher. I mean, what a memorable way to teach us tolerance and acceptance of differences! I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. 🙂

  2. I Iove this Hub. It has zebras and stripes and fun and laughter and happiness and well, just plain entertainment. Thanks Truckstop Sally.

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