Fascinating FictionRarely do I read things online that prompt me to make audible reactions, when something I’m reading does cause me to make noise, said noise is typically laughter.

Enemy Hearts by Taressa Klays is one of the very unusual Hubs out our site that has made me actually yell out in alarm- in a good way of course! That said, I should warn anyone listening to this week’s podcast to proceed with caution, because there might be just a little bit of blood.  Just a little.

But really folks, this is a wonderful short story, and I’m very thankful to Taressa Klays for sharing it with us!

Again, my apologies for my voice- and please, if you’d like to grace us with your (without a doubt) superior voice for Fascinating Fiction recording purposes, drop us a line!  We’d also love to get any suggestions of additional short stories to feature in this fiction-focused podcast.

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3 replies on “Enemy Hearts

  1. I have read and listened short stories in the hubpages. Reading the hubs and listening podcast are quite a different experience. I love them both. I’m fascinated by Simone’s reading, she dramatizes the dialogues. I love the way she spells emotions such as happiness, fear, anguish and pain.

    1. I’m glad you like them both, Binaya.Ghimire. And thanks for the kind words! We would love to get more podcasts of stories read by the authors though- it’s great to hear a story in an author’s own voice!

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