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Serious writers often come to HubPages looking for money- but stay for the community.  DavePrice has experienced something of the sort- and a bit of a paradigm shift as well!  Check out our interview below to learn more about his HubPages experience:

HubPages: Why did you join Hubpages?

I recently took a 6 week sabbatical from work to search for an opportunity to become a full-time writer. I stumbled across Hubpages in my search, and it seemed to fit what I was looking for. Anyone can see at first glance that Hubpages is an incredibly unique opportunity for a writer.

What did you expect from the site?

I admit that my first desire was “lust” (as I have so often had to admit to my wife). I thought it might be a place where I could make a little money on the side writing articles while I continued my search. It took me a couple weeks to realize that Hubpages was exactly what I was searching for; it was the proverbial “I didn’t know what I really wanted until I found it”.

How did it work out?

(Laugh) It did… and it didn’t. It only took me a few days to realize that, while I could strive to be a “profitable” writer on Hubpages, it was no longer my primary desire. The response I received from Hubbers made me quickly realize that it was the interaction that I craved far more than the profit. Every writer knows as soon as he publishes he may be misunderstood, ridiculed, reviled, and run out of town tarred and feathered; yet we are a sadistic lot, for we crave the response more than we fear the rejection. I have never received a negative reaction from a Hubber, even from those whose views are diametrically opposed to my own. On the contrary, the responses I received have encouraged me (that’s right, it’s your fault Hubbers), and most importantly, refined my writing ability more than college, or life experience, ever did.

Where do you hope to go with your writing on Hubpages in the future?

I’m no different than most in that I want to be published in the traditional way. I know that Hubpages provides a legitimate opportunity for me to accomplish that goal. I want to be a competent writer whose words impact the lives of others in a positive way. My writing has already improved exponentially, which hopefully gets me closer to that goal. I’ve started as all newbies do, with subjects that I know best. But I am eager to explore ideas in my writing that force me to become a better writer.

One surprising result of my time on Hubpages is that my thinking about my career has undergone a paradigm shift. I have gone from being totally focused on being published to investing all my energies on becoming the best writer I can be on Hubpages. If I am published one day, great! But if all that ever comes of it is that I am allowed to enjoy becoming an accomplished and respected Hubber, I promise you I’ll be a very happy man. This is what I have come so quickly to love about Hubpages. I am inspired and encouraged by Hubbers whose talents far exceed my own. I have the opportunity to share in the wisdom and experience of talented writers from around the world. I am educated by writers whose work I admire and respect. I have been embraced by a community of people who care about my craft and my content. Sometimes a man needs to know when he already has everything he wished for.

.   .   .

Are you looking to do some serious writing on HubPages? Check out our Learning Center to find resources on how to drive traffic to your hubs and be found in search results.  Even if you’re more interested in getting “found” as an author, poet, or activist than earning money, these methods are helpful as they’ll help you gain readership and stand apart from the din.

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9 replies on “HubPages Success Story: DavePrice finds a community of serious writers worth more than money

  1. Dave,
    I am in total agreement with you about the benefits of sharing hubs and comments and even advise. I stumbled across HubPages one day, (I’m not even sure how) and have steadily been getting better at putting thoughts into written words. I’ve been a speaker for years, but writing is a whole other animal altogether. It really has not only helped me in honing my writing skills but has also helped me to more accurately speak what’s on my heart verbally. After reading the hubs that I write, I can see where I could have relayed the same message, only better, using fewer, more accurate words!
    The friends and fellow writers I’ve met in the process is, and probably will continue to be, the most valuable, certainly the most rewarding and unexpected blessing I could have ever hoped for!
    Plus, I personally can never help but to, in hindsight, see the hand of God in EVERYTHING… And, this little community is no exception! “All things work together for the good to those who love the Lord and are called according to HIS purposes!”

  2. I can relate with Dave Price’s testimony. At first, I’ll expect more passive income from HubPages. As time had passed, I am engrossed in writing that the monetary aspect is not my main goal after all. I discovered a lot on HP, friends and what this world means a lot to everyone.

  3. I am awed by the opportunity Hubpages offers and like Dave Price I dreamed of earning a lot of money. As time passed, I became engulfed in sharing my thoughts about Alternative Health and Quality of Life Issues. I am not so focused on earning money now, even though it would be nice. The community of Hubpages writers has adopted me into their forums and also encouraged me. I feel a sense of belonging to a nice family.

  4. This is one of the most inspirational interviews for any Hubber. So may talk of just adsense and money but so few about writing as an end in itself.

  5. Great Interview. I recall a Blessed comment DavePrice left me when he arrived at the hubs. He is a giver of life, not a taker. I was Blessed with his words. He has come so far at the hubs of love in a short time. I know for me my life has changed and my goal and dream is to publish but my hearts desire to help and encourage others has grown in leaps and bounds. I am forever grateful to hubpages community. I have a host of friends here. Dave Price being one of them.Dave is an awesome writer and his love for others does shine on these pages. He is right, there is no mistake he is here.

    Thank you all hubbers for all the knowledge,wisdom and outpourings of support I have been given at hubpages. Thank You God for leading me here.

  6. I enjoyed your article, Dave, it was inspiring. But I am a picky reader, and I think the word you were looking for, instead of “sadistic”, was masochistic? Keep going, Dude!

  7. Juat read your interview. You are famous! 🙂 Quite a nice long interview, nit just a snippet or two like we often get in magazines nowadays. Yours journey since coming to HubPages is inspiring and encouraging. My full time job (college professor) takes 60-65 hours a week so I new I would have very limited time to spend on HubPages (a friend kept encouraing me to come visit – Kathleen Cochran).

    So, from day one I knew not to even think about or get involved in all the effort, and machinations required to drive people to your hubs and secure paying advertisers. Which was good for me because that would have taken all the joy out of it for me. And it a joy and as you said, a place to learn and grow and share. I am very pleased to be following you and look forward to reading your work in the months to come. Theresa

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