lakeerieartists on HubPages
lakeerieartists on HubPages

Every now and then we come across a Hubber who puts HubPages earnings toward something truly inspiring. lakeerieartists is certainly one of those awesome individuals – she is currently using her HubPages revenue to support local artists through her Lake Erie Artists Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. How cool is that?! Learn more about this wonderful Hubber in the interview below:

HubPages is not the only online article site for which you write. What keeps you with us?

Part of what keeps me on Hubpages is the supportive community that I found here. I came to this site completely unfamiliar with Hubpages, and had to learn the nuances and the culture. I found several people who were very helpful, and that list keeps growing as I get to know more people.

But I do have to admit that the main reason I stay is that I have found the platform at Hubpages and the simplicity of the layout very easy to use to earn affiliate income. Because Hubpages is a simpler site and more direct because of that, I had to learn the lessons of how to work with the platform more specifically to earn. And the lessons that I have learned on Hubpages translate well to any other site I write on including Squidoo and my own blogs and sites. I didn’t really understand keyword research or search engine optimization clearly until I started to really work with Hubpages. I have found that certain types of articles work better on Hubpages, while others work better on other sites, and have adapted my writing as such.

Has HubPages changed the way you write or generally utilize the internet?

Absolutely. I am so much better and honing in on a topic and focusing on a very small niche to write about, and I have found that doing so works so much better for me in finding the right targeted traffic. My articles on Hubpages are nowhere near the top traffic articles that I hear about from other Hubbers, yet I am steadily earning more and more income from all three of the main Hubpages affiliates–Ebay, Adsense, and Amazon. I tend to trade off which vendor I am focusing my writing on so that one of them doesn’t become my sole income stream. I am always trying to build solid, steady income streams to support my online business.

I do have a very small blog that follows my success on Hubpages. It is aimed at Squidoo lensmasters but I do post my monthly earnings to encourage others to try Hubpages as a platform, because I believe very strongly at diversifying your income sources.

How do you use your AdSense earnings?

Adsense, and all of the earnings I make from all of my sites online go to support my brick and mortar gallery Lake Erie Artists Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. I have not yet quite made my goal of completely being able to pay my monthly rent and expenses for the gallery each month, although I am very close. Once I get there, I am planning to work to make enough to replace my husband’s salary, just in case.

Galleries, like most retail businesses, were hit hard by the economic changes in the last couple of years. My gallery supports primarily local Cleveland artists, and I am working hard to steady the income flow into the gallery in order to keep it going through uncertain economic times. While I have seen some positive changes in the economy here locally, we are far from recovered, and I want to do my part to keep the economy here in Cleveland going.

What advice would you give to new hubbers?

For new hubbers, my best advice is that you need to commit steady time to Hubpages in order to earn an income. And you most likely will have to work countless unpaid hours at the beginning while you are learning how to make it work. Most successful online affiliate marketers/writers that I know take 1 to 3 years to make the kind of money that they really want to earn. While earning money through a platform like Hubpages is not a scam, it is also not something that you can do overnight. There is a time factor that has to be taken into consideration even for the most experienced online writer for your Hubs to mature and be found. However, if you are willing to put in the time at the beginning, you will reap exponential rewards. The efforts that I have put in since I started online as a complete online newbie in June 2008, are paying off now quite nicely. And every month I earn more.

I think that Hubpages as a platform is a great place for new online marketers to get started. The community will support any honest effort to learn, and the staff at Hubpages is extremely responsive to any questions, problems, or issues. I also love getting to know Hubbers from all over the world, and seeing things from more than a local point of view. I am always interested at how much I am like people from across the globe, and also how much I am different from them. And frankly, I think that Hubpages is a lot of fun. So to anyone who is just starting out, I say that you should just go for it! And welcome to the community.

[thanks, lakeerieartists!!]

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6 replies on “HubPages Success Story: lakeerieartists funds a Cleveland Artists Gallery with HubPages Earnings

  1. Hi, thank you for your great hub and I can only repeat what you’ve just commented about HP. This is a community like no other and before now I didn’t think it was possible to make friends over the net. Your final paragraph has told me all I need to know because I’m sure like most people even though I love writing I would also like to make a little money.
    I also had my story of success printed on HP. It was on the 26th of October 2010.I will be bookmarking this one for easy reference.
    Congratulations on your success story and take care.

  2. Thanks for sharing your info, gained a lot from reading it. I just started my hubpage a few days ago. My brother is an antist also “Dray”. He’s has art and murals all over the place, L.A., Las Vegas, San Francisco, Georgia, Detroit, Shilanka, etc.

  3. It’s always great to hear about someone who is successful at doing what they love. It gives those with the same aspirations some hope and guidelines for the future! Thanks for sharing:)

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