To the Pan Am Games

Diana De Rosa has been going to the Pan Am World Equestrian and Olympic Games to cover all things horse-related for many years. This year, she travelled all the way to Lima, Peru, to cover the Pan Am Games. Completed with great behind-the-scenes photos, Diana not only recounts the main event, but also includes her personal experience of being a member of the press.

. . . the people are so kind, generous, and helpful with their time. From the minute I arrived at the airport every person I ever spoke to helped me get to the next step.

– Diana De Rosa

this article is a great way to familiarize yourself with how equestrian sporting events work—and if you are interested in getting into journalism, it can give you get an idea of what it’s like to cover this type of event.

In the press conference following the ceremony, every one of the three teams was oozing with pride at their results. They all applauded the facility, the people, and the experience . . .

– Diana De Rosa

For her next big story, Diana is heading off to Tokyo, Japan, to cover the Olympic Games. It will be her first time in the country, so we are looking forward to reading all about it. But for now, you can check out her 2019 Pam Am article HERE!

Posted by:Samantha Cubbison

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