Does Whatever a Spider Can

In this article, @moviebeasts writes a fair and honest review of the SEVENTH installment of the modern-day Spider-Man series. Spider-Man: Far From Home was released earlier this month. Featuring a tween Peter Parker and Mary Jane, the film gives the impression of a fairly light-hearted installment. But as the author notes, this version of Spider-Man is going through a challenging time of self-reflection that adds depth to this age-old story. 

Previous Spider-Man movies have tackled the idea of what it means to be “Spider-Man” and what it means to be a hero, but this movie had the unique benefit of taking place after two massive movies. As a result, Peter’s motivation toward being Spider-Man is more challenged than it has ever been.

– Bryan Ouellette 

Overall, this film got an A- by the author’s standards. While he griped that there were too many side characters that were sloppily developed, in the end, the pros outweighed the cons.

I really enjoyed what the filmmakers did with this character [Spider-Man], but I also enjoyed what they did with Mysterio. Without giving anything away, Mysterio has an interesting story, and Jake Gyllenhaal gave the character a captivating screen presence.

– Bryan Ouellette 

If you’re still not convinced that this movie is worth your time (and money), read the full article here. It’ll have you swinging to the box office in no time.

Posted by:Samantha Cubbison

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