Shift to mobileLast week, our traffic was just a hair more on desktop than mobile. I suspect in the coming weeks we will permanently shift to smartphones as the dominant platform for readers on HubPages. We’ve invested in our mobile design and we will have to do more to improve it.

I strongly recommend laying out Hubs with the mobile reader in mind. The best practice for this is to use all full width capsules. In the Hubtool, there is a mobile preview button as well. Be sure to preview your Hubs before publishing if you have any floated capsules.

A year ago our traffic was 32% mobile. We are now 44% mobile. At this pace, in the next six months, our traffic will be 50% mobile (not including tablets). The shift is on!

Posted by:Paul Edmondson

8 replies on “Mobile Readership is Growing!

  1. Just wanted to point out that even when using all capsules at full-width, the text capsule titles still stupidly wrap as though they were set to be half-width. The look is less than aesthetic.

  2. Doesn’t the mobile design just display all capsules at full width without having to go change them? Also, would you recommend having a photo directly beneath the title or starting with a text capsule?

    1. Hi Lisa, the capsules do indeed get displayed as full-width in mobile, but they might not be in the order you want them. For example, if you create a Hub with half-width capsules side by side, you don’t get to choose which one comes first in the mobile layout. However, if you make all your capsules full-width, you can be sure they will always display in the right order for mobile users.

  3. If I like the way my hub looks on Mobile, can I still use the half-sized capsules on the sides of text so it looks good on the desktop too? Will it affect my Hub score if I use them in a hub?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      You still have the option to use half-width capsules right now (though that may change at some point), and your HubScore won’t be penalized at all for using them.

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