I wanted to provide an update on Editor’s Choice Hubs.  We started the program to recognize great Hubs.  Over the last nine months we have selected almost 20,000 EC Hubs and a handful are getting added every day.  We’ve had lots of great comments that Hubbers love the recognition, but the data hounds in the community say: that’s great, but do they get more traffic?

When a EC Hub is selected it gets moved from the author’s subdomain to the main HubPages.com domain.  When an older Hub is moved it can be a bit of a wild ride.  Sometimes Hubs jump way up and other times they come down.  Overall, they’re slightly up (~2%).

Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to see several sites (outside of HubPages) that have done major movements like this and in some cases it has taken two years for a significant traffic shift after creating clusters of high quality content.  So, I think there is still a chance that we will see a major traffic move, and it appears that there is some slight traffic benefit in the short term on average.

I hope Hubbers stay with the program and hang in there with us for the long haul.  We are working on several improvements to the site.  I’m very optimistic about the future of HubPages.  Stay tuned Hubbers.

Posted by:Paul Edmondson

10 replies on “Update on Editor’s Choice Hubs

  1. Thanks for this update on the Editor’s Choice program, Paul. I’ve been wondering what the latest data indicated. I see we will need to give it more time in order to tell. It is good to find out the number of EC choices which have been awarded. Again, thanks.

  2. Thanks for the update, Paul. When I opt back in after the 60 days is up, I am going to stay with it. I think the Editor’s Choice program is a good idea and great incentive.

  3. Thanks. That clarifies a bit for me. I was wondering about the overall success of it. Good to know it could have long-term benefits.

  4. For me, it would be useful if we had a choice of excluding certain hubs from the EC program. I don’t mind a medium range hub going to the main site hoping for more traffic, but I would like to keep my “treasure” hubs, those that already get me most of my traffic, on my own sub domain. Don’t ask me why, it’s intuition, perhaps like not wanting to get swallowed up by big brother HP.com

  5. Very disappointed that there are no real benefits for authors (+2%) as this is what was promised. The benefits are primarily for indexing of the mother site. Surely HP can offer some incentive for potential loss of authority for the subdomain sites? The 2-year wait appears unrealistic.

  6. Curious if you look at data from where the writers hubpage domain and see if there is a correlation between improved traffic the cluster EC based on the rating/reputation of the writer???

  7. I agree with John Anderson here.

    I feel like I’ve lost a lot of traffic by moving my stuff off my sub-domain and will be most like moving my stuff back to my sub-domain when my 60 days are up.

    Even if there were a 2% increase for me, there are no other benefits. I’m not earning any additional $$. In fact, it seems I’m earning less. Maybe others will have better luck or maybe it’s a Summer lull, but I think I’m jumping ship.

  8. Appreciate the information. As a retired teacher, I am drawn to accolades like a moth to a flame. We are used to working for no recognition and little monetary rewards. I love HubPages!

  9. Could we get more information on how Editor’s Choice hubs are selected? Sometimes they seem like they are well thought out, yet other times they seem completely random.

  10. Thank you for this update, Paul.

    I did deselect the Editor’s Choice option because of what hubbers were saying in the forum.

    I will add it back in now (I believe it’s been past 60 days), and attempt to “ride it out” as you have suggested.

    I also have some deleted hubs because of low scores, and because I’m trying to organize my hub groups. It’s difficult for me to have one niche because of my diverse interests.

    I am considering starting a second account after I get all my hubs organized the way I want them for easy management. ***

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