Week 4 Weekend Contest Results

Good Monday, everyone!  Here are the results of the weekend Challenge!  This is our last week of the Challenge, so good luck to everyone!

March 21st

Number of Featured Hubs: 140
Daily HubPot: $ 17.50
Weekly HubPot: $96.25 (20.50+19.50+19.25+19.50+17.5)

  1. Mark Ewbie: Stickmen Doing Ordinary Things
  2. ercramer36: How to Create a Baseball Scorecard
  3. Joe Macho: How to Grow Patio Tomatoes
  4. summerclark7387: Same-Sex Relationships in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night, Or What You Will”
  5. oceansnsunsets: Blue Morpho Butterfly Exhibit – A Photo Gallery
  6. Nancy Owens: How to Transplant Raspberries
  7. Anna Marie Bowman: How To Make a Witch’s Hat Cake
  8. MJennifer: Ten Wonderful Uses for Beer (besides Drinking It)
  9. Writer Fox: What Is Passover? | The Pesach Jewish Holiday
  10. Opining Penguin:  Essential Skills for Successful Computer Analysts

And the winner using Random.org is…

#7 How To Make a Witch’s Hat Cake by Anna Marie Bowman!

March 22nd

Number of Featured Hubs: 142
Daily HubPot: $17.75
Weekly HubPot: $114.00 (20.50+19.50+19.25+19.50+17.50+17.75)

  1. Suzanne Day: How To Make A Cellini Spiral Bracelet – Free Patterns And Tutorial
  2. tamarawilhite: Common Lotus Notes Problems- and A Few Solutions
  3. rmcrayne: Bacon-Wrapped Appetizers- Over 20 Bacon-Wrapped Treats
  4. CWanamaker: Cat Mathematics: Cat Stacking, Catenary Cables, & Cat Piles
  5. Michael J Nolan: Insider’s Dublin: Getting comfortable with Ireland’s capital
  6. Samiaylor: No Bake, low Sugar, Strawberry Graham Cracker Pie
  7. AliciaC: Downtown Vancouver in Spring – Sights and Photos
  8. sheilamyers: Is a werewolf and wolfman the same thing?
  9. punacoast: Hidden Hawaii: Star of the Sea Painted Church in Kalapana, Big Island
  10. Gordon Hamilton: Steak, Beetroot and Stilton Pie Recipe

And the winner using random.org is:

#10 Steak, Beetroot and Stilton Pie Recipe by Gordon Hamilton

March 23rd

Number of Featured Hubs: 152
Daily HubPot: $ 19
Weekly HubPot: $133.00 (20.50+19.50+19.25+19.50+17.50+17.75+19)

  1. Gordon Hamilton: Griddled Bacon and Gammon Steak Recipes
  2. sallybea: How to Wet Felt slippers on Aqua Shoes to get a perfect fit
  3. Viking 305: How to Grow Lettuce in Containers in a Small Garden or on a Patio
  4. Natasha Peters: The Incredible Moons of our Solar System
  5. prestonandkate: 3 Simple ways to update your Home Decor
  6. WriterJanis: How to Throw a 1960s Hippie Theme Party
  7. chef-de-jour: William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 129 – Love Turns To Lust
  8. Glenn Stok: Being Right for the Wrong Reasons Trading E-Mini Futures
  9. Zainab Tarawali: Oil Pulling: Another Health Fad or is it Beneficial?
  10. williamsykes: How to Get Away, in the Middle of LA

And the winner using random.org is:

#8 Being Right for the Wrong Reasons Trading E-Mini Futures by Glenn Stok!

Congratulations to all of the finalists!  I’ll be announcing the weekly winner tomorrow!


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