Good Monday, everyone!  Here are the results of the weekend Challenge!  This is our last week of the Challenge, so good luck to everyone!

March 21st

Number of Featured Hubs: 140
Daily HubPot: $ 17.50
Weekly HubPot: $96.25 (20.50+19.50+19.25+19.50+17.5)

  1. Mark Ewbie: Stickmen Doing Ordinary Things
  2. ercramer36: How to Create a Baseball Scorecard
  3. Joe Macho: How to Grow Patio Tomatoes
  4. summerclark7387: Same-Sex Relationships in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night, Or What You Will”
  5. oceansnsunsets: Blue Morpho Butterfly Exhibit – A Photo Gallery
  6. Nancy Owens: How to Transplant Raspberries
  7. Anna Marie Bowman: How To Make a Witch’s Hat Cake
  8. MJennifer: Ten Wonderful Uses for Beer (besides Drinking It)
  9. Writer Fox: What Is Passover? | The Pesach Jewish Holiday
  10. Opining Penguin:  Essential Skills for Successful Computer Analysts

And the winner using is…

#7 How To Make a Witch’s Hat Cake by Anna Marie Bowman!

March 22nd

Number of Featured Hubs: 142
Daily HubPot: $17.75
Weekly HubPot: $114.00 (20.50+19.50+19.25+19.50+17.50+17.75)

  1. Suzanne Day: How To Make A Cellini Spiral Bracelet – Free Patterns And Tutorial
  2. tamarawilhite: Common Lotus Notes Problems- and A Few Solutions
  3. rmcrayne: Bacon-Wrapped Appetizers- Over 20 Bacon-Wrapped Treats
  4. CWanamaker: Cat Mathematics: Cat Stacking, Catenary Cables, & Cat Piles
  5. Michael J Nolan: Insider’s Dublin: Getting comfortable with Ireland’s capital
  6. Samiaylor: No Bake, low Sugar, Strawberry Graham Cracker Pie
  7. AliciaC: Downtown Vancouver in Spring – Sights and Photos
  8. sheilamyers: Is a werewolf and wolfman the same thing?
  9. punacoast: Hidden Hawaii: Star of the Sea Painted Church in Kalapana, Big Island
  10. Gordon Hamilton: Steak, Beetroot and Stilton Pie Recipe

And the winner using is:

#10 Steak, Beetroot and Stilton Pie Recipe by Gordon Hamilton

March 23rd

Number of Featured Hubs: 152
Daily HubPot: $ 19
Weekly HubPot: $133.00 (20.50+19.50+19.25+19.50+17.50+17.75+19)

  1. Gordon Hamilton: Griddled Bacon and Gammon Steak Recipes
  2. sallybea: How to Wet Felt slippers on Aqua Shoes to get a perfect fit
  3. Viking 305: How to Grow Lettuce in Containers in a Small Garden or on a Patio
  4. Natasha Peters: The Incredible Moons of our Solar System
  5. prestonandkate: 3 Simple ways to update your Home Decor
  6. WriterJanis: How to Throw a 1960s Hippie Theme Party
  7. chef-de-jour: William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 129 – Love Turns To Lust
  8. Glenn Stok: Being Right for the Wrong Reasons Trading E-Mini Futures
  9. Zainab Tarawali: Oil Pulling: Another Health Fad or is it Beneficial?
  10. williamsykes: How to Get Away, in the Middle of LA

And the winner using is:

#8 Being Right for the Wrong Reasons Trading E-Mini Futures by Glenn Stok!

Congratulations to all of the finalists!  I’ll be announcing the weekly winner tomorrow!


Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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