Happy Tuesday, Hubbers!  Christy and I had another tough job; choosing the Top 10 Hubs of the week.  There were so many amazing Hubs.  Great job, everyone!  Here is your Weekly Grand Prize Winner and Week 4’s Top 10 Hubs!

Number of Featured Hubs for the week: 1061
Weekly HubPot: $133

  1. mollypocket: My Experience on a Self-Sustainable Farm in Thailand
  2. eugbug: 10 Tips For Improving Photos on Your Webpage or Hub
  3. FlourishAnyway: Leave A Legacy Of Medical Education: How To Donate Your Body To Science
  4. RJ Barnes: How to Study for an Art History Exam and Get an A
  5. Zach Butler: Analysis of the Declaration of Independence
  6. sallybea: How to use a Wire Frame to make a 3D Wet Felted Pansy
  7. anitajsmith: Alexander the Great: Military Genius or God
  8. JessBraz: The Moose of Algonquin Park
  9. Suzanne Day: How To Make A Cellini Spiral Bracelet – Free Patterns And Tutorial 
  10. ercramer36: How to Create a Baseball Scorecard

And the winner using Random.org is…

#6 How to use a Wire Frame to make a 3D Wet Felted Pansy by sallybea!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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