We have a lot of new Hubbers in today’s top 10!  Check them out.  It’s exciting to see new writers and their amazing talent.  Congratulations, everyone!

Number of Featured Hubs: 154

Daily HubPot: $ 19.50

Weekly HubPot: $ 59.25 (20.50+19.50+19.25+19.50)


March 20th Top 10

  1. anitajsmith: Alexander the Great: Military Genius or God
  2. Zach Butler: Analysis of the Declaration of Independence
  3. LisaRoppolo: Five Great Shrubs for your Landscape
  4. RJ Barnes: How to Study for an Art History Exam and Get an A
  5. oceansnsunsets: Gustave Le Gray – The Great 19th Century French Photographer
  6. Purpose Embraced: 12 Great Ways to Take Charge of Your Mental Health
  7. skinnaz: The Five Most Expensive Paintings In The World
  8. JDubya: An Evolutionary Perspective on the Origins of Emotion
  9. Prosperity66: Eleanor of Aquitaine’s Early Life
  10. Sarah Siraj: There’s what in my tea?!? Here’s how to make your own Iced Green Mint Tea

And the winner chosen by random.org is…

#8 : An Evolutionary Perspective on the Origins of Emotion by JDubya!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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