What a fantastic ending to the first week of the Grow the HubPot Challenge!  If you haven’t heard, the contest will continue for the rest of the month.  We hope to see even more Featured Hubs each day to grow the HubPot.  Without further ado, here are the winners for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Friday, Feb. 28th

Number of Featured Hubs: 117
Daily HubPot: $15
Weekly HubPot: $93.25 (22.50+19+18.75+18+15)

  1. Cre8tor: Humidifier | Installing An AprilAire Whole House Humidifier and More
  2. followthestray: Sickle Cell Trait
  3. Phyllis Doyle: Yukon History , Klondike Gold Rush and Lore of the Yukon
  4. AliciaC: Jigsaw Puzzles – Game Facts, Benefits and History
  5. Guitar Gopher: The Fender Heartfield Talon: A Classic Super-Strat Guitar
  6. CWanamaker: Relatively Speaking: The Plague, The Stranger, and the Life of Albert Camus
  7. Dragonflycolor: 5 Places to Take Unwanted Animals
  8. RonElFran: How Robert Smalls seized a ship to escape from slavery to freedom
  9. Billybuc: How To Make Money As A Ghostwriter  
  10. kittythedreamer: Shapeshifting Witches: Legends from Europe and North America

The winner chosen using random.org is…

#7:   5 Places to Take Unwanted Animals by Dragonflycolor


Saturday, March 1st 

Number of Featured Hubs: 130
Daily HubPot: $16.25
Weekly HubPot: $109.50 (22.50+19+18.75+18+15+16.25)

  1. cecileportilla:  Medicare and Medicaid Fraud. Get angry and learn how to fight it.
  2. spartucusjones:  The Protest Movement: 10 Best Protest Songs about Climate Change
  3. gypsumgirl:  Book Series that Motivate Tween Boys to Read
  4. DrMark1961:  Best Seven Dog Breeds That Don’t Stink
  5. Colleen Swan:  Criminal law- Assisted Suicide  
  6. Meisjunk:  You Know You’re An Adult When…  
  7. suraj punjabi:  6 Things I have Learned from 4 Years Of Marriage
  8. calculus-geometry:  Drawing Hearts on a Graphing Calculator
  9. ercramer36:  Using VLOOKUP in Microsoft Excel  
  10. LCDWriter:  Kate Chopin’s The Storm:  When Nature and Love Combine

The winner chosen using random.org is…

#9:  Using VLOOKUP in Microsoft Excel  by ercramer36


Sunday, March 2nd 

Number of Featured Hubs: 113
Daily HubPot: $14.25
Weekly HubPot: $123.75 (22.50+19+18.75+18+15+16.25+14.25)

  1. misslong123: Beginner Knitting: Knit and Design a Pattern plus Free Resources
  2. hbng84: Fly Tying – Simple Foam Rubber Grasshopper
  3. Natasha Peters: How to Gain Self Confidence in Minutes: Power Posing
  4. Phyllis Doyle: Battle of Trenton – American Revolutionary War
  5. gitachud: GEMBA WALK: Checklist for Genchi Genbutsu
  6. Anne Harrison: Novels To Read When Visiting Hong Kong and China
  7. Jonathon Wylie: iPad Accessibility Options for Special Education Classrooms
  8. Merej99: Super Duper Hoagie Rolls Recipe
  9. Patty Inglish, MS: Passenger Trains and Railroad Stations In Ohio
  10. Luna B.: Top Five Lena Horne Films

The winner chosen using random.org is…

#10:  Top Five Lena Horne Films by Luna B.

Congratulations to the 30 Hubs chosen as finalists over the weekend and the lucky three winners!  For previous winners, check out our Forum post and stay tuned for the Weekly Grand Prize Winner!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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