Goedendag, Hubbers!  Our fourth day of the challenge is complete and we have another great batch of Hubs.  If you didn’t hear, we are extending the challenge for the entire month of March!  We hope that this gives everyone time to write more of the fantastic Hubs we’re seeing.  Congratulations to today’s top 10 and to the winner!  Our next blog post will be Monday with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s winners as well as the Weekly Winner!  Monday’s a big day!  Without further ado, here are the numbers and winners (in no particular order) for Feb. 27th!

Number of Featured Hubs: 143
Daily HubPot: $18
Weekly HubPot: $78.25 (22.50+19+18.75+18)

  1. Janshares:  Murphy’s Law: When it Goes Wrong / Events Impacted by Murphy’s Law 
  2. susi10:  Eight Strange (But True) Science and Maths Theories ~ That You Never Heard Of Before
  3. Flourish Anyway:  What HR Won’t Tell You About the Hiring Process
  4. calculus-geometry:  How to Integrate 1/(x^3 + 1) and Its Cousin 1/(x^3 – 1) 
  5. DzyMsLizzy:  How to Prepare and Cook Beans
  6. Jellygator:  Lawyer Referral Service | Helpful or Not?
  7. raymondphilippe:  What I Love About Manchester UK
  8. successfulliving:  Hidden Gluten
  9. StacieL:  Pickett State Park, TN – A Nature Lovers Dream
  10. Faith Reaper:  Container Gardening: How to Choose the Perfect Container for Your Needs


The winner chosen using random.org is…

#7:  What I Love About Manchester UK by raymondphilippe!  Congratulations!


Posted by:Robin Edmondson

2 replies on “Day 4: Grow the HubPot Challenge

  1. Congrats to the Top Ten!
    Uh oh! It seems like there is a steady decline in the number of hubs being featured! We started with 180 and it’s gone done every day since… Hopefully now that it’s running for a month it’ll give us Hubbers a chance to get back into the swing of things and recapture some of the initial excitement we felt when the contest was first announced!
    Off to write some hubs.. I’ve only got one entry in here so far. I’m none to please with my own progress.
    Keep up the great work everyone!

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