The first week of the Grow the HubPot Challenge has finished and everyone at HubPages Headquarters is thrilled with the quality of Hubs that were written.  Reading through everyone’s Hubs this week has reinforced my belief that we  have the best writers and community on the internet.  Congratulations to everyone for a job well done.  We hope that the contest has inspired you to write more high-quality Hubs and to tell your friends, family, and other writers about HubPages and the Challenge.  We look forward to another fantastic week!

It was extremely difficult to choose only 10 Hubs for the final Weekly Winner.  Congrats to the final 10; you were among some good company and overcame some stiff competition!

Number of Featured Hubs during the week:  984
Weekly HubPot:  $123.75

  1. How to make Wet Felted Slippers or Boots using Duct Tape Shoe Lasts by Sallybea
  2. How to Grow Peas in a Small Garden: Gardening Tips and Advice by Viking305
  3. 10 Fun Techniques for Photographers by noellenichols
  4. A Tutorial: How to Make Homemade Napkins Using Terrycloth by prestonandkate
  5. Eight Strange (But True) Science and Maths Theories ~ That You Never Heard Of Before by susi10
  6. Criminal law – Assisted Suicide by Colleen Swan
  7. Shapeshifting Witches: Legends from Europe and North America by kittythedreamer
  8. What HR Won’t Tell You About the Hiring Process by FlourishAnyway
  9. What are Fractals? How is Maths Used to Make Art? by aalite
  10. Debunking the Myth that Generic Drugs are inferior to Brand Name Drugs by cecilaportilla

The winner chosen using is…

#7  Shapeshifting Witches: Legends from Europe and North America by kittythedreamer

Well done, Everyone!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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