Cheers, Hubbers! The third day of the Grow the HubPot Challenge is completed, and we had another amazing day! We also have VERY exciting news!

Since the contest has been such a great success (we’ve seen amazing Hubs and great community support to grow the HubPot), we have decided to run it for an entire month! The contest will run until midnight (PT) March 30th.  Keep on Hubbing, recruit your friends and family to write for the contest, and continue growing the HubPot!

Here are the numbers for Feb. 26th!

Number of Featured Hubs: 149
Daily HubPot: $18.75
Weekly HubPot: $60.25 (22.50+19+18.75)

Top Hubs of the Day in no particular order:

  1. 10 Fun Techniques for Photographers by noellenichols
  2. Lesson Art Activities for American Art Appreciation Month (August) by Tina Truelove
  3. 12 Things That Online Writers Can Learn From Star Trek by Sharkye11
  4. Piano chords and music theory basics by Jon Green
  5. Pet Ideas for 5 and 10 Gallon Aquarium Tanks by Melissa A Smith
  6. Drakensberg Mountains by Tashaonthetown
  7. How to make Wet Felted Slippers or Boots using Duct Tape Shoe Lasts by sallybea
  8. American Civil War Life: Union Infantryman – Life On Campaign III by GaryTameling
  9. Queen Victoria’s Longest Day by Stevarino
  10. How to Grow Peas in a Small Garden: Gardening Tips and Advice by Viking305

The winner chosen using, is…

Pet Ideas for 5 and 10 Gallon Aquarium Tanks by Melissa A Smith!

Congratulations, Everyone!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

3 replies on “Day 3: Grow the HubPot Challenge

  1. Woo Hoo!! I am so excited that they HubPot Challenge is extended for an entire month. I had started a couple of hubs in hopes of getting them finished by the end of this week to meet the original deadline, but with working full time I quickly learned that by the end of the work day I’m just too exhausted to do anything. So excited it’s extended, now I’ll have time to get in a few more hubs before the deadline!

    Congrats to everyone who was picked today- and to Meliisa A Smith for winning! Great job everyone!

    Happy Hubbing!!

  2. The HubPot contest is a great success! Very motivating and it’s great to read the top 10 hubs — ones that we may not have noticed the usual ways. Thanks for extending the contest through the end of the month.

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