We mentioned previously that HubPages is working on an expansion of overcrowded Topics to enhance the site’s organization and provide more categorization options for Hubbers. In this post, we’d like to highlight some changes and improvements in Personal Finance.

Personal Finance is one of our most practical and successful Topics here on HubPages. It covers everything from tax forms to coupon clipping to investing in stocks. Through the Topic Expansion process, we are discovering what subjects our Hubbers most enjoy writing about. Interestingly, we’ve found that the most popular Personal Finance Topics are Frugal Living, Tax and Taxes, Income and Making Money, and Investing in Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, More, and it’s on those categories that we’ve focused the majority of our attention. We’re very excited about the new Topics! Here’s a comprehensive list of what we’ve added in Personal Finance:

We hope you’ll have fun browsing the new Topics and that you will help us fill them up with high-quality Hubs. (Check out our Topic descriptions at the top of the Topic pages too. We occasionally sneak in the odd bit of trivia or humor.) If you’re looking for a subject to write about, new Topics are a great choice; since they will have less Hubs initially, your featured Hubs are more likely to show up on the first page. With these new changes, the dust has settled in Personal Finance for a while, but the Topic Expansion process is still full swing elsewhere, so look for more improvements to come.

Posted by:christykirwan

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