New Exclusive titles are constantly being created for tons of diverse subjects spanning every Topic at HubPages. If you haven’t written an Exclusive Hub yet, check out HubPages Exclusives in the Learning Center to find out what Exclusives are and how they work. In brief, Exclusives are unique, high-potential titles that can be claimed by talented Hubbers. An Exclusive Hub with high quality content and media has a good chance of becoming a success on HubPages.

We frequently create titles that look particularly fun, fascinating, and funny. We hope they will find good homes with Hubbers who are as excited about them as we are! Here are our absolute favorite top 10 best-of-the-best January Exclusives:

  1. How to Be a Tooth Fairy for Your Kids
  2. Mastering Form VII: Juyo, the Ferocity Form of Lightsaber Combat
  3. How to Tune a Lyre
  4. Tips on Drawing Ugly People
  5. Yummy Ways to Eat Spam
  6. How to Properly String a Recurve Bow
  7. How to Celebrate a Non-Lovey-Dovey Valentine’s Day
  8. How to Handle an “Uninvitation” or Being Uninvited to an Event
  9. How to Choose and Install a Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk
  10. Mori Girl Fashion Tips

Most of these gems are currently unclaimed, so keep an eye out for them in your title bar. We can’t wait to see them flourish as entertaining, successful, quality Hubs! Since we love to see how Hubbers flesh out our favorite Exclusives, here are a couple examples of January Hubs with fun Exclusive titles and great content:

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6 replies on “The Gems of January Exclusive Titles

  1. Have you not been reading the experience of those who have claimed these “exclusive” titles? Many of them have been idled–yes, I’m still using this very apt term–just as normal titles are being so designated. Or have you guys changed something in these titles to now make them worth one’s while? I seriously doubt it! lol!

    1. Using an Exclusive title is no guarantee that your Hub will get traffic. It’s just a push in the right direction. The most important step toward being successful on HubPages is to write Hubs with high quality content and original media on subjects you are passionate and knowledgable about. 🙂

  2. Hi Christy, I’m shocked to get a response from someone on this blog for a change. Many of us see absolutely no difference in the traffic obtained from these exclusive titles, nor any better experience than those we choose the titles for ourselves.

    The questions not answered in my previous query was, “have you guys changed something in these titles to now make then worth a writer’s time to write to them.” A simple yes or no will be appreciated. Thanks for responding.


    1. Hi Randy,

      To answer your question, we have not changed the creation process for the Exclusive titles, but we do believe they are worthwhile for writers who are passionate about the subjects. Hubbers are, of course, still welcome (and encouraged) to do their own keyword research and create solid titles for their favorite subjects.

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