The Great Topic Expansion is underway at HubPages. Topics are being expanded daily to fit the needs of a growing and prolific community of talented Hubbers. Overcrowded Topics are receiving special TLC and new categories are being created based on common writing trends.

Topics that have already undergone significant improvement include Personal Finance, Family and Parenting, and Business and Employment. Our current focus is Health, so expect to see the newest changes there (but we occasionally sneak in some improvements elsewhere too).

If you need a little inspiration, consider writing your next Hub for one of the new Topics. We are particularly excited about:

The next time you don’t know what to write about, consider addressing one of these fun subjects!

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4 replies on “Topic Expansion

  1. Does this mean that it might be advisable to review the hubs we have placed in these categories that have “undergone significant improvement”? Does it mean that there might now be more applicable subcategories?

    How important is it that I categorize accurately? You eliminated tags because your algorithm can second-guess me. Does it not understand categories as well?

    1. Hi Howard S.

      Many matching Hubs have been manually moved into the new Topics, but it can’t hurt to browse and make sure that yours are in the Topic you think they make the most sense in.

      The main benefit to categorizing your Hubs in the most specific Topic possible is that your Hub has a much greater chance of showing up on the first page of that Topic.

      If your Hub is incorrectly categorized, it will still be searchable on the site and through search engines, so long as it is featured. But putting Hubs under the correct Topics means they’re more likely to get traffic from the Topic page as well.

  2. That’s neat that HP expands topics when needed. I’ve never heard of Cosplay! That’s wild! How common is it? I clicked on the link. Very interesting!

    1. Hi Victoria Lynn,

      Glad you learned something new! It’s fascinating to see what subjects Hubbers like to write about the most. We’re using those popular subjects as a guideline for our Topic expansion. 🙂

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