One of the best ways to share the love on HubPages is by Hopping Hubs. Your ratings of others’ Hubs will determine whether or not they are Featured, so your activity has a real impact on the community- plus Hub Hopping can be a great source of inspiration.


There are two important parts of Hub Hopping: rating and reporting. After reading a Hub you have Hopped, you can rate it by adjusting the scoring bars to the top left of the screen.

If you’re not sure how to rate a particular aspect of a Hub, slide the bar around and read the descriptions below to find a set that best describes the Hub. If you come across a Hub that is poetry or creative writing, check the “article is creative writing” box to get a more appropriate rating scale.


Though we hope you will only see good Hubs in the Hopper, there is a chance that you will find Hubs that do not conform with our publishing standards (e.g. are spam, are written by someone under 18 years of age, have pixelated images, encourage illegal activity, etc.).

To get an idea of what should be reported on HubPages, stop by our Learning Center Video with tips on reporting Hubs.

Should you find a Hub that should be reviewed by our support team, please click the report link (with the red flag next to it) and select your reason for filing the report.

Hopping Hubs is like cultivating a garden- you can help beautiful plants grow, pull out weeds, and be inspired by the scenery. We hope you give it a go!

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8 replies on “Hub Hopping Basics

  1. I think you can get more hubbers to hop hubs if there was some sort of incentive like, in return your hub will have more chance of being reviewed by another hubber. So hubbers will engage more in return for their own hubs being reviewed by others as well.

    1. I agree that that would be a FABULOUS feature, expertscolumn! We’ve spoken about it, though considering the present volume of native Hoppers we get, it isn’t worth the engineering resources we would need to set that system up (at this point). Hopefully we’ll have the bandwidth to incorporate nice incentives like this in the future.

  2. Thanks for the hub-hopping-basics. It confirms that I’m rating hubs the proper way. It’s pretty amazing how much I have learned just through “hopping hubs.” I like this feature and plan to do more of it.


  3. It would have been much better if you had a “move on to next hub” or “hop!” option, so that we could read what interest us the most and rate it instead of rating something which we don’t know.

  4. Hello. Does this include any kind of proofreading/editing duties? For example, if you notice missing or misspelled words, is there anyway to let the person know? Thank you.

    1. Great question, Shelly!
      Alas, the only way to notify a Hubber of a typo at this point is to contact him or her through the Profile or leaving a comment on the Hub (after leaving the Hopper) notifying the Hubber of the error.
      We hope to make suggesting edits much easier in the future. But we’ve got our hands full with developing other features in the meantime!

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