How to to Improve Your Skills by Hopping More Hubs

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 3.45.43 PMEarlier this week we alluded to Hub Hopping as a means of getting inspired. Indeed, Hopping a couple of Hubs every week can make a big difference in the success and failure of your Hubs. Here’s why:

  • You will see a wide diversity of Hubs outside of your normal circles of favorite Hubs and Topics
  • You will be exposed to a variety of writing styles and formats
  • You will see many different subjects that might encourage you to reach outside your comfort zone
  • You will see how each and every capsule is used, which can help you know how to begin using more yourself
  • Because you actively rate each Hub you Hop, you will get a better idea of the substance, organization, and grammar standards to which your own work is being held

As you can see, this experience can be very instructive!

Hub Hopping Basics

One of the best ways to share the love on HubPages is by Hopping Hubs. Your ratings of others’ Hubs will determine whether or not they are Featured, so your activity has a real impact on the community- plus Hub Hopping can be a great source of inspiration.


There are two important parts of Hub Hopping: rating and reporting. After reading a Hub you have Hopped, you can rate it by adjusting the scoring bars to the top left of the screen.

If you’re not sure how to rate a particular aspect of a Hub, slide the bar around and read the descriptions below to find a set that best describes the Hub. If you come across a Hub that is poetry or creative writing, check the “article is creative writing” box to get a more appropriate rating scale.


Though we hope you will only see good Hubs in the Hopper, there is a chance that you will find Hubs that do not conform with our publishing standards (e.g. are spam, are written by someone under 18 years of age, have pixelated images, encourage illegal activity, etc.).

To get an idea of what should be reported on HubPages, stop by our Learning Center Video with tips on reporting Hubs.

Should you find a Hub that should be reviewed by our support team, please click the report link (with the red flag next to it) and select your reason for filing the report.

Hopping Hubs is like cultivating a garden- you can help beautiful plants grow, pull out weeds, and be inspired by the scenery. We hope you give it a go!