While we are highly interested in the HubPages-related goals you create, we also encourage you to share your personal goals through your Hubs.

When presented properly, Hubs on tracking and achieving personal goals can be very helpful to others- and lucrative to the Hubbers who create them!

If you’re not quite convinced about the value of sharing the pursuit of your goals through your Hubs, read on.

You’re doing the research already

Good, detailed, major goals require a lot of research and time to put together. If you go on a diet, you will typically choose a particular approach or diet, establish a plan, and do some research on helpful recipes, motivational tactics, and exercises that can help you make good progress and stay on track.

Why not share all that useful information? So long as you present your findings in Hubs with search-friendly titles and make sure that each article you write (while perhaps associated with other articles about this goal) stands on its own as a complete online resource, you have a good chance of driving a decent amount of search traffic to your work.

If you have a goal, someone else probably has the same one

Why do Hubs on goals (when properly made) have a good shot at driving search traffic? Because if you have a goal, chances are a lot of other people have the same goal, and in all likelihood they’re typing queries into Google about it.

One of the greatest methods used by Hubbers to write Hubs that get a lot of traffic and attention is to select topics in which they have personal interest but for which they have little luck finding good search results. If there is not much information online on reaching a particular goal (e.g. you can’t find many guides to becoming a good indoor cactus farmer), you should fill in those gaps yourself by sharing Hubs on the process.

Writing about your progress can help you stick to your goals

In addition to helping others and possibly broadening your readership, writing publicly about your goals (while helping others achieve the same goal) can make you more likely to achieve that goal. This is the case for two reasons:

  1. Because you have made your goal public and you know that people are tracking your progress, you will be far less likely to give up because you know you are ‘being watched’ and a desire to not disappoint those who are cheering you own.
  2. By giving people advice on achieving a goal you are in the midst of pursuing, you are putting yourself in the mindset of one who is likely to achieve that goal. By writing guides, you are essentially saying to yourself ‘I am the type of person who achieves goals and is good enough about achieving them to give advice to others!’. The more you think like that sort of person, the more likely you are to become that person.

Caveat: there are ways to do this well AND horribly

Before I get you too excited about this whole goal writing process, I want to warn you that many, if not most people who write on HubPages about their goals do so in a way that pretty much prevents them from being successful.

They do so by:

  • Writing Hubs that do not have search-friendly titles
  • Writing Hubs that are just about their process and not full of helpful advice for others
  • Writing Hubs that are not designed first and foremost for readers
  • Writing Hubs that do not stand well by themselves (which is how most readers see them); this is often done with Hubs that are presented in parts (e.g. “Losing 50 Pounds: Part Five”- who wants to read part five???)

By avoiding these problems and focusing on creating search-friendly, stand-alone Hubs that are designed to help others, you can avoid this folly.

Good luck!

[Public Domain image by mickyroo via pixabay]

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2 replies on “Why Write About Personal Goals?

    1. It’s “purely personal” content that goes against our publishing policies. That’s quite different from leveraging one’s personal experience and expertise to create a guide that is useful and relevant to others. In general, that which we mark as “purely personal” is just a personal account with no additional information, advice, or help that would make the Hub relevant to anyone who did not know or care about the writer.

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