Creating Hubs about your goals as you go about achieving them is an excellent way to gain more readers, make use of research you have already done, and make sure that you actually stick to your goals.

To help you create Hubs on the pursuit of goals that will be more likely to succeed, I would like to share with you the specific elements of a good goal-oriented Hub.

Focus On Readers

The most important thing to remember is that, while you may be writing about a personal goal, your primary focus should be on the needs of your readers. Your Hubs on goals should consist of guides, not personal stories. While it is fine to mention your personal experience, bring up unexpected difficulties you experienced, and provide the occasional personal anecdote, all of those details should be presented in a way that delivers useful information to readers.

For example, you might share unexpected bumps in your goal achievement quest in a Text Capsule titled “Common Roadblocks on the Path to Weight Loss” and present bullets summarizing problems you experienced and methods you used to overcome them.

Maximize utility; minimize talk

Another thing you can do to keep your Hubs reader-friendly is to make your personal stories and advice as succinct as possible. Avoid long paragraphs and utilize bulleted lists and lots of short Text Capsules with descriptive subheaders and supplementary images, videos, polls, quizzes, and tables.

Create a sensible collection

When sharing advice on creating and achieving goals, Hubbers typically create a collection of related Hubs that are linked together within the text of each Hub and also put into a Hub Group. This is an excellent means of developing a small online niche (something that is particularly worth doing if the goal you are covering is not very well-covered online).

That said, be sure that each Hub you write is a self-sufficient guide that completely covers one subset of the overall goal achievement process (e.g. Hubs with titles like “Buying New Clothes While Losing Weight” and “How to Deal with Weight Loss During the Holidays”).

Do not give your titles parts, and do not open your Hubs with “as I mentioned in my last Hub…” because most people (1) have not read your last Hub and (2) probably don’t even know what a Hub is because they found your article through search results.

Add as much original media as possible

One reason why Hubs on the pursuit of goals are so successful is that they are truly genuine. Articles that leverage real experiences of their authors tend to do much better than those built on shallow research and generalizations.

To leverage the personal experience that goes into these goal-oriented Hubs, include as much original media as possible- videos, images, and more! Before and after photos, especially when juxtaposed, have the potential to make your Hubs particularly popular. We’re all suckers for makeovers!

Hubs that incorporate these best practices have a real shot at seeing long-term success. Here’s hoping that you are just as successful at writing popular Hubs as you are at achieving your goals next year!

[Image by Nemo, Public Domain, via pixabay]

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4 replies on “How to Write Successful Articles About Meeting Goals

  1. I found this to be very useful information, especially because I am new to HubPages. I am very excited to submit my first Hub.

  2. I think HP should follow its own advice, and publish its goals for 2013, and how they will be achieved, monitored and assessed.

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