As you go about setting and sharing your goals for 2013, we hope you will share them with us!

We encourage you to tweet your goals to us on Twitter and include the hashtag #HubPagesGoal, and to post your 2013 objectives on our Facebook wall as well.

We’re especially interested to hear about any particular systems you are adopting that will make it easier for you to achieve your goals. If you have created a vision board for 2013, a special checklist you keep on your fridge, or something else visual and fun, snap a photo of it and share it with us!

Your idea might be just the sort of inspiration another Hubber needs as she develops goals and achievement mechanisms of her own.

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One thought on “Share Your Goals With Us!

  1. “as SHE develops goals? LOL! Bit of a faux pas, eh Simone? Yes, this is indeed a special place for women, no doubt! LOL!


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