This Sunday was HubPages’ sixth birthday. You might think that six years is not a very long time, but HubPages has made immense leaps and bounds over that short period.

Don’t believe me? Why not take a look at HubPages’ web design over the years, courtesy of the Wayback Machine?

Here’s a shot of us in 2005, before the site even launched:



And here we are in 2006, during our beta phase. Notice some familiar names?


In 2007, we got a new logo and a slightly more streamlined look. Better, but…. not great.


In 2009, we upped the gray portion… a lot!


Things got MUCH better in 2010.


But you’ve got to admit, our site looks even better now!

It is impressive how far we have come- and we’re only just getting warmed up! With our new Hub and Profile designs, HubPages is looking better and better, and the site will look even spiffier after we re-design our Topic Pages.

Though a great marker of progress on HubPages, appearance is but a peripheral element of our site- the key to HubPages is and always has been the fantastic Hubs you publish- and your work has been vastly improving as well! The mind-blowing evolution of Hubs, of course, is a different and much bigger story- one that we shall share another time.

Let us simply say this: Happy birthday to HubPages, and here’s to many more years of continued positive progress.

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8 replies on “HubPages Turns Six: We’ve Come a Long Way

  1. Wow. I do like all of these changes. And I like the Apprenticeship Program a lot. It’s a sure bet that it will improve the quality of hubs for many of us, not to mention that it helps us understand SEO enough to improve the rankings of our own websites, for those that have one separate from HP. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this, and for giving us writers such an opportunity to excel online.

  2. For those of us newer to hubpages, this was a nice historical overview! You all have definitely come a long way!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Wow, guys congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you and hoping for (at least) another six years on the internet. I have always loved your concept and product, and to this day I will tell people that Hubpages is one of the best websites out there. In my opinion, despite being in it for six years already, your company is STILL a best kept secret. I’m surprised MORE people don’t even know about Hubpages…but I’ll be glad to help you fix that.

  4. Congratulations to HubPages on your six years of progress.
    Six years doesn’t seem like such a long time in real life. However on the web that’s a life time!
    I look forward to your continued success.

  5. Congrats on six years – it’s been a wild ride! You’ve gone through a lot of changes since I signed up, and I have to say, you guys have done an amazing job! Thanks for offering such a great service — I can’t wait to see what the next six years brings!!

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