HubPages Turns Six: We’ve Come a Long Way

This Sunday was HubPages’ sixth birthday. You might think that six years is not a very long time, but HubPages has made immense leaps and bounds over that short period.

Don’t believe me? Why not take a look at HubPages’ web design over the years, courtesy of the Wayback Machine?

Here’s a shot of us in 2005, before the site even launched:



And here we are in 2006, during our beta phase. Notice some familiar names?


In 2007, we got a new logo and a slightly more streamlined look. Better, but…. not great.


In 2009, we upped the gray portion… a lot!


Things got MUCH better in 2010.


But you’ve got to admit, our site looks even better now!

It is impressive how far we have come- and we’re only just getting warmed up! With our new Hub and Profile designs, HubPages is looking better and better, and the site will look even spiffier after we re-design our Topic Pages.

Though a great marker of progress on HubPages, appearance is but a peripheral element of our site- the key to HubPages is and always has been the fantastic Hubs you publish- and your work has been vastly improving as well! The mind-blowing evolution of Hubs, of course, is a different and much bigger story- one that we shall share another time.

Let us simply say this: Happy birthday to HubPages, and here’s to many more years of continued positive progress.