Our social media-centric series of Learning Center entries (which has already addressed Twitter and Facebook) continues with a guide to Pinterest, which offers tips and tricks on making the most of this trendy, image-centric social network.

Our guide covers:

  • Using the Pin This button on Hubs
  • Including beautiful images in your Hubs to increase their chances of being pinned
  • Getting started on Pinterest
  • The importance of moderation and balance
  • Tips on pinning images from your own Hubs
  • The importance of interaction
  • Group boards
  • Pinterest and image rights

Be sure to give it a read and make a point of taking our advice to heart! Even if you do not want to have an account on Pinterest or be very involved within the social network, there are some very simple actions you can take to boost the chances of your Hubs’ images ending up on people’s pinboards.

Next week, our social media series concludes with a guide to Google+. Stay tuned!


Posted by:HubPages Admin

6 replies on “Pinterest Tips for Hubbers

  1. Just so you know, the link above is a 404. I did find the hub in the Learning Center, however and gave it a read. Another FYI is I found a typo in the first paragraph. It states: “Many Hubbers recieve a sizable amount of traffic from Pinterest …” Receive is spelled wrong.

  2. I agree that images and presentation is a good idea in marketing your stuffs online, that is why whenever I am promoting my businesses online I always make sure that my images are attractive and presentable enough.

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