Edward Zhang is HubPages’ youngest engineer, and a dang good one at that! When he’s not busy kicking butt (as demonstrated in his HubPages profile image), Ed is busy working on cool HubPages features such as Videos, our iPhone app, slideshows on Hubs, the Great Commenter Accolades, HubTool tips, and many more elements hidden within the site’s underpinnings.

To learn more about this up-and-coming builder-of-things, check out his answers to some of your interview questions!

Do you ever feel bad when after a hard job you do not receive the recognition and praise that you deserve from Hubbers? -ngureco

It’s always nice to receive some recognition and praise for a feature that I’ve spent a lot of time on. Other times, we receive negative feedback on our work, which always stings a bit, but life goes on nonetheless! Many times, if our work is not big enough to be announced on the blog or in the forums, it goes largely unnoticed, but I don’t think there’s any real shame in that. As long as we are helping HubPages as a whole, then I am happy with it.

Why do some staff members write lots of Hubs whilst others don’t? Aren’t staff members not as interested in making more money from HubPages just like the Hubbers are? -ngureco

Keeping up with Hub writing can consume a lot of time and energy. Most of us engineers don’t ever bother with, and don’t have the time to write, Hubs. Not to mention, us engineers are probably more lacking in the English skills department. However, the marketing team tends to write more Hubs (as demonstrated by Paul Edmondson, Robin, and Simone), but that’s just because they slack off all day at work (I’m only joking, they actually do excellent work!).

Do you still watch cartoons? -prettydarkhorse

Yes! Watching anime and cartoons is what keeps me sane! I also love watching Big Bang Theory, a sitcom about a group of nerdy friends. Imagine Friends, but with a bunch of nerds instead. It’s actually really hilarious!

Does Simone really wear big hair bows every day? -GinnyLee

Oh, that’s a good one question. In fact, YES, she does! Sometimes I have the urge to sneakily steal the bows from her head and hide it. It’s a shame that I don’t work on the same floor as her though…

When does your work day begin and when does it end? Do you work 24/7 or ever go through HP withdrawal when you are away from the computer? -AEvans

I usually arrive in the HP office around 9:30AM (I have a horrible habit of staying up late) and leaving at 6PM. There’s a bit of flex to that timeframe, but you get the general idea. It’s actually quite flexible here at HP, which is great. Say I needed to stay home to wait for a repairman… on those days I could work from home for the morning, and come into the office during the afternoon. Or even better, I could choose to work from home the whole day!

I personally don’t “work” past my work hours, but I do log into HubPages to browse around while I’m at home. I also use the HubPages iPhone app to poke around while I’m commuting to work, or when I’m bored.

While I don’t need to work 24/7, we actually do have someone that needs to monitor our servers near 24/7, in case any emergencies happen with our servers.

What sports do you like to watch and play? -prettydarkhose

I love to play badminton. Every weekend, I would go to a local indoor badminton gym to practice for a whole afternoon, from maybe 2PM to 9PM. I played on the school badminton team during high school, and have been interested in it ever since!

Fun fact about Edward: I went to high school with Simone Smith.

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7 replies on “Meet the Staff! An Interview with Edward Zhang

  1. Love the interview. Now I know a little more about Edward. Interviews like these make the staff seem a bit more real and reachable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great questions, and I enjoyed reading your interview responses.

    Your flexible work schedule for HP sounds perfect. I work for myself from my home office and would have a horrible time if I had to get to work at an employer’s office or store by 7 or 8 a.m.

    Had to laugh about the engineers not bothering to write Hubs. My electronics engineer husband would agree. He’s actually an excellent writer, but in our 13 years together I’ve only managed to get him to write one thing. And I’m an ace at getting people to write things! Engineers. They are unique thinkers. ;~)

  3. Hi,
    I have a symbol for a broken link on my Hub Famous Sagittarius Sunsign People Part . I do have two self serving links on there to try to lead people to my blog (and the second half of the article), but I just checked both links and they are working. Is it something else I missed? I know you are normally right when these broken links symbols come up. Pls let me know. Jean Bakula

  4. I am also waiting for an answer as to why none of my product hubs or Sun in Each of the Sunsigns are listed in the profile list of hubs I can supposedly feature. It’s harsh to not be able to feature any product hubs now in the holiday season, and I’ve been unable to feature any of the 5 out of 118 hubs I wrote about products. I was asked in the forum to let you know the names of the hubs, so I did. But you will turn around and tell me that’s self promotion. I did wait 7 days to get an answer, 7 days when people are shopping.

    1. Hi Jean,
      If you have checked your links and they’re OK, feel free to ignore the broken link warning- sometimes there are false positives.
      This is not the place to ask moderation-related questions- please email team (at) HubPages.com. Sorry for the delay in answers- we’re a bit over-loaded right now, so we appreciate your patience.

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