A New Learning Center Guide to Google+

With our series of Learning Center entries on social media, we have already offered advice for Hubbers who seek to make the most of Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and our latest guide addresses a fourth popular social network: Google+.

Even if you do not have time (or motivation) to be an active participant on Google+ (so many social networks, so little time…), you can still reap major benefits from setting up a nice Google+ profile and connecting it with your HubPages account.

We cover tips on doing just that in The HubPages Guide to Google+, as well as:

  • Setting up a good profile
  • Claiming authorship of your Hubs
  • Proper use of +1’s
  • Utilizing circles
  • The importance of moderation
  • Tips on sharing
  • Interacting with others on Google+
  • HubPages on Google+

We hope you find it to be useful!


Pinterest Tips for Hubbers

Our social media-centric series of Learning Center entries (which has already addressed Twitter and Facebook) continues with a guide to Pinterest, which offers tips and tricks on making the most of this trendy, image-centric social network.

Our guide covers:

  • Using the Pin This button on Hubs
  • Including beautiful images in your Hubs to increase their chances of being pinned
  • Getting started on Pinterest
  • The importance of moderation and balance
  • Tips on pinning images from your own Hubs
  • The importance of interaction
  • Group boards
  • Pinterest and image rights

Be sure to give it a read and make a point of taking our advice to heart! Even if you do not want to have an account on Pinterest or be very involved within the social network, there are some very simple actions you can take to boost the chances of your Hubs’ images ending up on people’s pinboards.

Next week, our social media series concludes with a guide to Google+. Stay tuned!


A Hubber’s Guide to Facebook

Last week we published a new Learning Center guide sharing tips on using Twitter in a way that can benefit one’s Hubs and general online brand. This week, our focus turns to Facebook.

This second installment in a series of four guides to using social media as Hubber (which cover Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest) touches on:

  • Using the “Like” button on Hubs
  • Finding a good balance of posts and shared links so that your shares actually show up in people’s feeds
  • Monitoring the response to things you share to see what sort of content your friends are interested in
  • Boosting interaction with others to increase engagement with your own posts
  • Utilizing lists to share niche-style posts with specific groups
  • Friending other Hubbers on Facebook
  • Whether or not to create a Facebook page for your Hubs
  • Interacting with HubPages’ Facebook page and posts

Be sure to stop by the full Learning Center entry to explore all of these topics in detail!

We hope you find our advice to be useful, and that you take some time to sharpen your Facebook sharing and diplomacy skills! Savvy behavior on Facebook reflects well upon all facets of your online identity, both on HubPages and elsewhere.

[Image by Sean MacEntee, CC-BY, via flickr]


Tips on Making the Most of Twitter

If you want to create a robust online brand and share your passions and expertise with as many people as possible, you will need to expand your reach beyond just HubPages. While many people do so on personal websites and blogs, it makes a lot of sense to maintain a presence where everyone else is- namely on major social networks.

To help you make the most of the most popular online hangouts, namely Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+, we will be rolling out a series of new Learning Center entries offering tips on making the most of the unique features you’ll encounter on each one.

The first new guide we have rolled out covers Twitter. We hope you find it useful! Some of the major points we cover include:

  • The Tweet This button on Hubs
  • Setting up a good Twitter profile
  • Moderation and balance
  • Interaction with fellow Twitter users
  • Major Twitter tools
  • Interacting with HubPages on Twitter

What is the biggest Twitter tip we can offer? Only get involved with the network if you would like to do so as a genuine user. This entails following people whose tweets you will at least occasionally read, interacting with other users, and sharing a variety of things- not just links, but plain text tweets, photos, retweets, and @mentions.

Avoid creating accounts (on Twitter or any site) that are just designed to promote Hubs. They’ll ultimately be a waste of your time- not to mention a lost opportunity! Twitter is an excellent place to discover new people and ideas, find inspiration, and further develop your following. By following some simple best practices, you can gain a great deal from all this site has to offer.

For more helpful tips on getting the most possible out of your Twitter experience, stop by our Learning Center guide– and keep an eye out for the additional social media guides that shall be rolling out in the coming weeks!

Introducing the HubPages Apprenticeship Program

Many Hubbers have trouble making the jump from online obscurity to significant earnings and a strong online presence. We are happy to announce the public release of a special program that can help you bridge that gap. The HubPages Apprenticeship Program is a rigorous six month course in which Hubbers are taught basic and more advanced aspects of Hubbing, online writing, and building a strong, multi-platform, online brand and portfolio.

In addition to working closely within a team of 30 peers, getting access to exclusive online lessons, and receiving personalized feedback from HubPages staff, Apprentices are given a bonus of over six dollars for every Hub they publish while participating in the program. This bonus is, of course, just an up-front perk given in addition to the long-term ad revenue Apprentices will earn from each Hub, so we’re essentially paying Hubbers to learn and thrive online.

Apprenticeship Lessons

Apprenticeship lessons cover subjects ranging from basic keyword research and SEO to making money, working photos and video into your work, analyzing your traffic, getting established on multiple social networks, and developing a following.

The lessons come in the form of written guides, video tutorials, and mp3s that you can download and listen to on the go. We also hold semi-regular Hangouts on Google+ in which Apprentices can speak to a live Mentor (a HubPages staffmember leading the program) face-to-face.

Program Requirements

HubPages Apprentices enjoy quite a few privileges, but are also expected to adhere to strict standards. Each Apprentice is expected to publish a minimum of eight Hubs per month and those Hubs must be entirely original to HubPages, contain at least one image, only use legally used images, be at least 500 words long, and include any additional requirements that might pertain to a particular month’s focus. Apprentices who fail to meet minimum requirements are kicked out of the program.

Applying for the Program

Everyone is welcome to apply for the Apprenticeship Program. You can do so by visiting the Apprenticeship  section of My Account.  Before applying, make sure that you have some quick links to any online writing samples that might exist off of HubPages, as well as a list of subject areas you would like to cover in future Hubs.

Keep in mind that each month we can only accept 30 new entrants into the Apprenticeship Program. Preference will be given to the applicants who show the most promise (specifically, a demonstrated ability to regularly publish high quality online articles, a willingness to learn, and an eagerness to provide team feedback and develop new skills). Only Hubbers with at least one published Hub, a Google AdSense account, and enrollment in the HubPages Earnings Program can be accepted into the program.


The Apprenticeship Program has already been running for one month, which means that one team has just finished their first month of the program and another team has just begun. Are you curious to know who has been participating? A couple Apprentices from the first month of the program have this to say about their first month in the program:

My first month in the Apprenticeship Program was not only a ton of fun, but it improved my writing in so many ways!


The HubPages Apprenticeship has sharpened my online writing acumen. It has taught me that good writing is only the threshold in the online writing process. There are search engine fundamentals that must also be applied to generate traffic and make money. The Apprenticeship is invaluable in helping the serious student learn to make writing both enjoyable and lucrative.


Since joining the Apprenticeship Program, I discovered that there are niche categories in which my writing and expertise excel. The quality of my writing has improved tremendously and my Hub traffic has increased. In my first month in the program, my page views increased by more than 29% and the number of comments in my Hubs increased by more than 46%.

Daisy Mariposa

My experience in the Apprenticeship Program has been beyond words. I have learned so much about what makes a Hub successful, met a wonderful group of writers, and was in constant awe over the helpfulness and support of the HubPages staff. In the last month alone, I have seen a major increase in both page views and earnings so that to me is proof that this program works!
I will forever be grateful to the staff for allowing me to be a part of this program and want to encourage everyone to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Alissa Roberts

Only one month in and my perspective on writing has already changed dramatically. Google’s perspective on my writing has also changed dramatically. 😉


The Apprenticeship Program has been an incredible journey filled with lessons, videos and mentorship. I have learned an enormous amount of valuable information in the one short month of my participation. The mentor team and my colleagues have been instrumental in my growth and development as a successful online writer. I look forward to building my skills and brand as I continue to learn and evolve with the Apprenticeship Program. I strongly recommend it to any HubPages writer that has the opportunity to participate in this challenging, but rewarding experience.


When I was invited to participate in the apprentice program, I knew that this was a fantastic opportunity for me. Even though I enjoy writing and have definitely improved my craft since joining HubPages a little over a year ago, I am definitely keyword and SEO challenged. I knew that this would be a chance to learn more about these skills that have continued to elude me. With one month down in the program, not only have I already learned so much about creating an effective Hub, but I have learned a great deal about how to create great titles and subtitles to generate search engine traffic. I have started to go back and apply these new skills to old Hubs and I am already seeing results. I can only imagine the wonderful things that I will learn in the months to come and am very excited about the journey ahead.


For more information on the HubPages Apprenticeship Program, stop by our Learning Center guide. If you’re passionate about online writing and want to improve your skills, we hope you consider applying!


Best of the Web

In the February edition of Family Magazine, HubPages is listed in the  “Best of the Web” section. Hurray!   One part of the write-up highlights how our Learning Center helps HubPages assist its users in  “how to make the most of its tools.”  Which, of course, is true.

We are continuously updating our Learning Center with new materials to help our community of Hubbers become better and more effective online writers.  I encourage you to check out our Learning Center from time to time to see if there may be some gems of helpful information, video tutorials, or tips that will help you.  After all, what makes HubPages newsworthy is its community of online writers, creating some of the best online articles on the web.

Introducing The First Ever HubCamp!


HubCamp - Your Guide to Good Hubbing

On the final week of September, HubPages is going to hold HubCamp: an in-person meeting of Hubbers in San Francisco where we’ll go over some of the finer points of becoming an effective online writer.

Wer’e still in the planning stages, but because it’s all about the hubber community, we were hoping you’d let us know what you want us to cover at this first ever HubCamp.  Below are some topics we’re thinking of covering – visit the HubCamp forum thread to let us know which ones are most important to you, and let us know if you’d like us to cover something else as well!

Potential HubCamp Seminar Topics

  • Basic keyword research
  • Selecting topics
  • Linking
  • Driving traffic
  • How to select titles
  • Basic tips on writing content for an online audience
  • A profile of the ideal hub (a description of the optimal number of capsules, links, and words based on our analysis of hub statistics and revenue)

Also, let us know if you’re interested in coming! We’d love to see you there!!