One big perk associated with publishing Videos as opposed to traditional Hubs is that your Videos get special treatment in search engine results: next to Videos’ titles and summaries, online searchers see an enticing thumbnail image that makes them more likely to select your work over that of the thumbnail-less competition.

We are now rolling out an additional feature on HubPages that applies this same search-friendly principle to recipes and reviews. In the HubTool, you will soon see several new Capsules organized under Special Layout Options.

  • These Capsules include:
  • The Ratings Capsule
  • The Cook Time Capsule
  • The Ingredients Capsule
  • The Instructions Capsule
  • The Nutrition Capsule

You will also see an option to add all of the Recipe Capsules in bulk.

By using the Ratings Capsule when reviewing products, places, and services, and by using the Recipe Capsules in your recipe Hubs, you will be adding cool features such as star ratings, thumbnail images, cook time to Hubs presented in search engine results.

You can see what these special search results like by Googling a recipe. Aren’t you more interested in the recipes that are presented with star ratings and attractive photos? By using our Special Layout Options, you’ll be able to give your Hubs the competitive edge enjoyed by those other review and recipe-optimized search results.

The new capsules will be available soon, so get your recipes ready for publication- and consider which recipe Hubs you might like to update!

Posted by:HubPages Admin

21 replies on “Introducing Special Layout Options for Reviews and Recipes

  1. This is a fantastic addition to recipe (and review) hubs! Thanks to the engineers for adding this feature – it will help our articles to stand out in the search engine results.

  2. What a great addition to our publishing options!

    Thanks very much to all those who conceived of the ideas and made them happen. I can see how this will greatly enhance our ability optimize our hubs, and also raise our stock with search engines.

  3. This sounds exciting! I love writing–and reading–recipe hubs. Looks like I’ll be doing some revisions!

  4. Did someone copy my hub on how to write a killer recipe hub and paste it in this blog? I must say that these ideas are great. It’s so uncanny that my hub listed all those features that are now being rolled out.

  5. No moss growing on you guys! Always adding new features to Hubpages makes you fun to write for and the tools you come up with add to our exposure on the Net. Think On!

  6. Sounds like a winner. I will have to think about entering the field of sharing recipes! Well done and I love the fact of how it will all be presented to Google and how Google will present it to those seeking! Thanks!

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