Kids Cook Monday logoOne of the best ways to educate children about food is to cook with them.  Here on HubPages, we have a thriving community of both cooking enthusiasts and parents.  A partnership between HubPages and the Monday Campaigns (who brought you the now-ubiquitous Meatless Monday) brings these communities together for The Kids Cook Monday.

Why the Kids Cook Monday?

The reasons for cooking with your kids are many.  Not only does it provide an opportunity for nutrition education, it helps children feel ownership of their food, cutting down on the pickiness factor that plagues so many a family dinner. It builds confidence both inside the kitchen and out, and provides an easy way to set aside time to catch up with your kids, too!  The Kids Cook Monday is a campaign to encourage anyone with children in their lives to set aside an evening once a week to prepare and enjoy a meal together, and then to write about it!

Kids Cook Monday on HubPages

Over the past month, ten fantastic Hubbers have been publishing a weekly Kids Cook Monday Hub, and the results have been amazing.  In fact, the first 9 Kids Cook Monday Hubs were visited over 525 times in the first week! But the benefits aren’t only in terms of traffic. You need only check out a Hub like leahlefler’s Sunshine Granola Bars or Melovy’s Fluffiest Pancakes Ever to see how a Kids Cook Monday spurs comments and connections!

Ready to participate?

It’s easy! Just browse the wonderful Kids Cook Monday Hubs already published by our early adopters, check out the Kids Cook Monday resource kit, and start publishing your Kids Cook Hubs every Monday (with the tag “kids cook monday”)!  Please include the Kids Cook Monday logo, which you can download and save from their site, or this blog post.

Then, submit your recipes for possible feature on the Kids Cook Monday site, as well as around the web with their partners. They’ve got an submission form to make things easy-breezy.

Not on HubPages yet?

Sign up now to join in on the fun!

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3 replies on “The Kids Cook Monday on HubPages (And So Can Yours!)

  1. This is a very effective campaign. In fact, here in the Philippines, I was commissioned by a pre-school teacher, who’s a friend of mind, to help her publish an article about Effective Parenting.

    I hope, you’ll agree mentioning this campaign on my latest hub.

    And of course, share my recipes for interested children who would like to cook every Monday for their parents and siblings, as well! 😀

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