Mighty Mom is one of our most gregarious and friendly HubGreeters. In addition to being one of our special team of Hubbers who regularly welcomes new people to the site, Mighty Mom offers writing, PR, and editing services through her company, Mighty Pen.

Having been on HubPages for over three years, Mighty Mom has learned a thing or two about Hubbing, and has lots of sound advice to share with new Hubbers. Here are her top five tips:

  1. Post an avatar. It really helps establish your Hubber identity. You are fascinating and experienced and you want others to read your work and get to know you. Add that extra visual interest so your HubPages identity really pops!!
  2. Do not confuse HubPages with a blog. It is not a blog. Hubbing is not blogging. If you are unclear on the difference, read the many tutorials helpfully provided by the HP staff. There are also dozens of Hubs written by helpful Hubbers on the subject.
  3. Do not confuse HubPages with Facebook or any other social media/social networking site. It does not work the same way. Are there social networking benefits to HubPages? Absolutely. But that is not its primary purpose.
  4. You’re here to write. So write already! If you intend to make something of your HubPages account (e.g., $$$) then you absolutely have to write Hubs.
  5. The more you put into HubPages the more you get out. We are a writing COMMUNITY. Of course we all want to make money writing. We all want our Hubs to rank on page 1 of the search engines. We want to maximize our earnings. But unless you are already an internet marketing guru, there is much you can and will need to learn from others. Many Hubbers have been at this for a long time. We have lived through Panda and Amazon.com affiliate rules changes and the rest of it. The best advice I can give any new Hubber is to come here willing to LEARN. People here are more than willing to teach you. Be teachable.

There you have it! Thanks, Mighty Mom!

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7 replies on “Meet a Greeter: Mighty Mom’s Top Five Tips for New Hubbers

  1. Thanks for the advice, I love to write but of course now that I have a place to write and share, I know there is lots to learn. Appreciate your advice about the avatar…

  2. Hello mighty mom – just wanted to thank you for your insights and help… can you tell me where or how to find an avatar? I think that is a grand idea…. thanks so much! Debbie

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