You might be shocked by the proportion of traffic to Hubs that is through mobile devices (I know I was). Care to hazard a guess? Would you believe me if I said about 20%…and rapidly growing? (If you are using Google Analytics to track your HubPages traffic, then you can see the relative proportion of mobile traffic by navigating to Audience > Mobile > Overview) Visitors are increasingly reading your Hubs through their phones and tablets, and this has profound implications for the way we serve ads and lay out content for mobile browsers.

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced that they are deprecating their AdSense for Mobile product in favor of their main AdSense for Content product, which is now considerably more mobile-friendly. We made the switch on HubPages towards the end of last week, updating and refining the format and layout of AdSense ads. Initial results are impressive. The first few days since the change have seen eCPMs more than double (yes, you read that correctly). While the new eCPM is still a bit lower than what we see for Web visitors, the differential is growing considerably smaller.

We are also working on improving the mobile browsing experience for visitors. Micki Seibel, our new Head of Product, has been developing our next-generation Hub layout, that enhances the experience for visitors reading Hubs both on traditional computers, and via mobile browsers. Since the vast majority of HubPages traffic is to Hubs themselves, we’ve prioritized optimization of the Hub over other site sections, and have no plans to give the mobile experience short shrift in our efforts. Look for enhancements in the near future.

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9 replies on “Changes afoot with HubPages mobile

  1. Will HubPages finally make it possible for those of us who write for the site to be able to do so via our mobile devices?

    It’s now coming up on the two year anniversary of getting my iPad and it seems really out-dated to have to go home to my desktop to edit or create a Hub.

    1. I’m afraid we don’t have any immediate plans to do that. It might require building an app, since, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the iPad’s stock browser doesn’t seem to be able to handle the javascript complexity of the HubTool. Have you tried alternative browsers like Skyfire, Atomic, or Mercury?

  2. I’m new to HubPages, so it is very reassuring to read that you are aware of and keeping up with the trend toward increased reading on mobile devices. I also must add that, so far, I have been greatly impressed with HubPages. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  3. Jason

    ~20% is a significant portion and thanks for letting us know. We can all keep the average smart phone user in mind while writing and publishing new hubs.
    Surely hubbers will be happy and satisfied in knowing that the team at HubPages is constantly researching and tweaking things to benefit publishers. Nicely done.


  4. Mobile phones and tablets have a very practical use and it can not be ignored that people prefer to reach web content via those tools, nice to know that HubPages is also available on mobile phones. Thanks for sharing the news here.

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