For about one week now, all Hubbers have had the ability to publish Videos in addition to regular online articles. We have already seen a litany of great Videos published on HubPages addressing everything from travel to recipes, but many writing-centric Hubbers are still a bit dubious about the new format.

What advantages does online video have over traditional multimedia articles? We cover the top perks in this special bonus edition of the Online Writing Insider (Video vs Online Articles). The gist is this: in addition to being an additional source of revenue, online videos are often more attractive to searchers, they are highly engaging formats, and they can help you as an author cater to different learning styles.

We hope you enjoy the new feature on our site, and have a go at branching out into one of the Internet’s most popular and quickly growing formats!

Do you have any online writing or video issues that you would like some help with? Tell us about it! Our email address is podcast-at-HubPages-dot-com, and we’re always looking for new subjects to address in these podcasts, so send suggestions our way!

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One thought on “Video vs. Online Articles

  1. I am just getting started and I am having unfortunately major issues on it being labled a sub instead of the real thing.

    I know this is sounding impatient, but is there an easier to link to google, yahoo, bing etc for a stronger flow as well.

    I know taking the first step is the hardest, however, I don’t think I sweated this much since my last volleyball game.

    Please help!

    Thank you, Penny

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