Fascinating FictionThe most popular fiction series on HubPages right now is the Emerald Wells Cafe series by mckbirdbks. Each installment of the series revolves around another day at the Emerald Wells Cafe- sometimes an evening, too.

For this podcast, mckbirdbks was kind enough to share one of the most popular installments of the series: Emerald Wells Cafe – 13 – Speakeasy Night. This is a special day at Emerald Wells Cafe- some of the regulars get together in the evening for poetry recitation.

It is wonderful how mkcbirdbks combines poetry and fiction in one place with this Hub.  No wonder it is such a hit!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and highly recommend dropping by original Hub, as well as the other Emerald Wells Cafe Hubs, too.  Many Hubbers have wandered into the cafe and pulled up a chair, but there is always room for more.

If you have a suggestion for a future Fascinating Fiction podcast- perhaps a short story you have published on the site, or another great fiction Hub you’ve always enjoyed, email us about it! You can reach us at podcast (at) hubpages (dot) com.

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4 replies on “Emerald Wells Cafe 13, Speakeasy Night

  1. Oh, Emerald Wells is one of my very favorites. It is a place where “everybody knows your name.” I am going to listen to the podcast right now. Thank you, thank you.

  2. Mck has created a wonderful virtual cafe that we on hubs love to grace the front doors every day. Mck listens so patiently to our daily stories and always with a smile. He is the perfect host. You can find us hanging out through out the day. We have to check in at least once or we have not completed our day. Thank you Mck..It is like coming home.

  3. Emerald Wells Cafe, The CHEERS of yesteryear. Where everyone knows your name and everybody CARES. The place for the best cup-o-java, news of the day, friends at every table. The stories unfold – comfortable, comforting. Not Little House on the Prairie, but Main Street USA. Come sit a spell and drink in the feeling of a time gone by. A time we must soon recover. Thanks Mck. A pleasure to join you as always.

  4. Hello everyone. This was pretty exciting for me. Simone Smith did a great job with her reading. It is very nice that the Hubpages staff and the regulars acknowledge the series with such a gracious welcome.

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