As we mentioned in a previous post, the site widening that is about to take place is the first step in a more involved redesign of

James Edmondson has been working on this redesign for some time now, and we’d love to give you a sneak peek at the new look.  Have a look at the work-in-progress designs for Hubs and profile pages below- and let us know what you think!  We’d love to hear what you have to say – and we hope to roll out some of these new designs soon!

The new Hub layout:

As you may have noticed, there is a small box to the left side of the Hub that contains quick links to share the Hub on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  This box will move along with you as you scroll.

You may also notice that the sidebar has been simplified, and that there are five related Hubs shared at the bottom of the page.  And of course, there’s also the new top and bottom navigation bars- the top navigation bar has been significantly streamlined, and the bottom navigation bar has been organized slightly differently.

The new profile layout:

One of the more exciting elements of this updated take on the profile page is that it contains a carousel that does a much better showcasing your favorite Hubs than the current listings do.  Much of the page has been simplified and Hubs and your feed have been separated by a tab. James sought to give your profile page a more editorial feel with this design update, which offers more previews of the Hubs listed in the center of the page, which makes them more alluring then they appear with the current, more listing-centric design.

You  may also notice that the bio has moved from the center of the page to the top right corner, and only a short snippet appears. When you click the “read more” link on someone’s bio, the full text will appear in a lightbox, complete with social media (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) links so that your followers may know where to find you elsewhere online.

You can see the full-sized images by clicking on them. We look forward to reading your feedback!

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51 replies on “New HubPages Site Design – Give Us Your Feedback!

  1. Looks great- nice magazine feel but I’m not sure about the related hubs. They should either be genuinely related (in this case fashion, vintage,shopping or whatever) or they should be labelled as what they are- places of local interest, travel destinations or something that makes sense.

  2. I hope you want honest opinions. I am a web designer and this is from my perspective as such. The hub looks very cluttered to me – I don’t like the idea of the share box following people down the page – that is a big turnoff for viewers and will tend to cause them to ignore other ads and such on the page. If people want to share they will – don’t pester them with a follow along box on every hub.

    Your sample has too much going on to the point it’s distracting and takes away from the overall hub. it’s hard on the eyes and I think it will have the opposite effect of what you hope to achieve. People will leave or click away rather than reading the full piece.

    I am not a fan of the new bio page at all – there’s very little bio and all links to hubs which looks overly promotional. When you hyper promote a website and make everything about click here click there it degrades the experience for the user. The carousel is a cool idea though, however I want my readers to actually see my bio when they click the bio page – not have to click again to get to it. Not a good feature at all

    Sorry overall I am not impressed 😦

  3. It is good to see these design changes. Profile page is definitely looking much better. New Hub Page is not showing the AdSense placements. Also, right pane is distracting the main hub content. Just my opinion.

  4. Although it’s hard to say what the navigation experience will be with the new layouts (considering these samples are static images), I do agree with Christin that the profile page misses the mark. If I click on a profile page, I want that profile, not a showcase of currently published articles. That little profile blurb in the new design that asks for another click to view the whole profile is user-unfriendly. If you click on “Profile”, you want to see a profile as the result of your click. It’s all about user expectations. Deliver what you promise.

  5. This new layout is absolutely stunning!! I will love this. It makes it more interesting and gives readers a detailed description about the hubs and profiles of hubbers. Very nice!! I can’t wait to see it.. Very neato Hubpages staff and developers.

  6. I also agree with Christin on the profile page part. On my experience the follow along box reduces sales and takes attention away from the ads. Although I am very glad to see Google Plus on Hubpages. Also You said that there are five related hubs shared at the bottom of every hub, I can only see four on that preview. Also there is empty gray space in the middle at the bottom of profile page and the hub. The design in general does look a bit better.

  7. Also it would be cool if the relevant hubs on the right would blend with the backgroung or something while te cursor is on the main hub. To bring an example of what I am speaking of, years ago my brother developed a site for an university, they have that system, it lets the reader to concentrate more at the article an example : , it isn´t in english, so the text doesn´t matter, but you can get the idea.

  8. I have a suggestion. The share box to me would be better off closer to the end of the article perhaps just before or just after the vote up box. This way the reader will not have to scroll back up the article to look for the share box.( twitter or facebook or +1) With Having it closer to the top they may just leave the hub and forget to share it.

    I am not all that crazy about the profile page to be honest with you. I like the way it is now.

  9. Looks good. My only suggestion would be user controlled articles on the right side of the page and related hubs on bottom could be more randomized.

  10. I like the post and profile layout, however, the related hubs looks for too distracting in my opinion and I get the feeling it will detract from both ads and content.

    I like the sharebox!

  11. I appreciate the HubPages staff working on the layout, however I do not like the changes. I do not want other hubbers’ related hubs featured that prominently on my own articles–it is distracting as well as irritating when inappropriate or unrelated hubs show up that I would much rather NOT promote. I refer many family and friends to my articles, and there are many articles on HubPages that I’d be ashamed to have them come across. I’d be all for having other articles by the same author show up on the sidebar or bottom navigation, though. I think that would help promote each hubber’s branding.

    Also, no thanks for the moving “share” button that goes all the way down the page! If we really are writers who really want readers, we will be cautious about making our readers’ eyes jump around without letting them focus on the main content of the article.

    Thanks for asking our opinions! I’m glad there’s a chance to say what we think. I agree with Christin and vietnamvet68.

  12. Well, I do like the hub profiled! I have a few questions. The hubs in the sidebar – do they belong to the author? I’m not so sure I like related hubs at the end, are these grouped hubs of the author? Or do they go to other authors?
    The page is expanded for ads, but I’m not clear which spaces are for ads. Are the bigger ads at the top?
    I do like an editorial look, I think it does look appealing, just unclear of ad placement.
    I love the carousel on the profile page. I do like space for the bio on the profile page also. I’m not sure viewers would click to open the full profile. But I do like the expanded preview of hubs. Will they vary?
    Sorry for all of the questions! I know you’re still working on it. I’m excited to see the finished product. I’m sure it will look very sleek and top notch. Thanks for the preview!

  13. Hi, I looked at kittythedreamer’s original page and your profile page Simone to compare these as best I could.

    The biggest plus point for me is the increased width of the hubpage. I know that whenever I visit a webpage of any description, it invariably looks more attractive and professional if the page fills the screen, so anything that enables more of the screen to be occupied by HubPage content is a good thing. I have never liked the look of pages where all the writing is concentrated in a narrow band on the left with a great blank white space on the right.

    I personally hate the idea of a links box on the left which follows me as I scroll down the page. I always find it irritating when I can’t get away from a caption, be it advertising or a box of links; I’d sooner have an extra couple of stationary links boxes on the page, than this moving box. This is my least favourite of the new ideas.

    I like the layout of the new bottom navigation bar, but the top one seems a little sparse.

    I like the related hubs feature at the bottom, but are these by the same author or different authors? In the example shown they don’t seem to be of a similar subject at all. The right sidebar looks visually more attractive, and I am all for the advertising and promotion of other hubbers’ pages, as we all benefit from that, but we seem to have lost the ‘read more hubs by’, ‘follow’, or ‘bookmark’ section whch promotes the work of the author of the Hubpage we is looking at.

    As far as the profile page is concerned, I think the new layout is certainly visually more attractive, and I am happy to see the hubtivity section dispensed with. But I think it’s important to show as many of the hubber’s pages as possible on the profile – on the new layout, only 6 pages seem to be featured, whereas on your current profile Simone, 24 hubs are illustrated with thumbnails, and there is also more space for your own introduction to be immediately visible to anyone who visits, without the necessity to click again to read the whole profile (having to keep clicking to read more is a big turn-off). The old profile gives a much better instant impression of the kind of work you publish and the interests you have. So I think useful information about the hubber is being sacrificed for aesthetics.

    Overall then, I would say the new layouts are more attractive, and I quite like the new wider hubpage layout (but get rid of the moving box!), but although I like aspects of the new profile page, it just doesn’t give enough immediately visible information about the author or the range of his / her work.

  14. Wow, this looks awesome! You guys didn’t forget anything! I think this shows how HubPages is “growing up and maturing”! I am so proud to be on HubPages and this new look will make us look even more professional and up to date. I like the idea of the scrolling box for sharing. I think a lot of people don’t share because they don’t know how to. This will eliminate that. Nice job team, and kudos to James Edmondson! I can’t wait for the new face-lift!


  15. Wow, it looks really professional, not that the old layout is bad but I really like the this one. I noticed someone else asked the question, “How will the ads look?” but I have to believe it will look just as good as the rest.

    When can we look for the changes?

  16. At first glance both layouts appear fresh and professional but I worry that the Hub will become cluttered once the ad spaces are included.

  17. I quite like the overall look, but I must admit that I don’t particularly like the way that the bio has been shoved into one tiny corner.

    As somebody who advertises their freelance writing services on HP, using my profile page to pitch to potential clients is important. The fact that the site allowed an in-depth profile, complete with links, was the main reason I joined and invested my time here.

  18. Not keen on the bio being reduced to a snippet that people have to click on to read the full bio. My referral tracker will now not show unless people click to read my full profile, and it is hard to reword my profile so this appears in an initial snippet. It could prove another way we lose potential earnings.

  19. I like the magazine look, but particularly the tan background. To me, it looks “sharper”, more polished, and more tasteful. Well, the whole thing just looks more professional and polished to me.

  20. I don’t know why people are saying it looks cluttered. The layout could hardly be neater.

    How the ads are added in will be important, of course.

  21. I like both the layouts, however, I do not feel an opinion on a sample that does not show ad placements tells you much of anything.

    Okay for those that don’t care about making money, or say they don’t for some strange reason, these samples are great.

    I do like the novaator website example that sunshine625 offered. But I would like the side bars a little more visible to start out with, or even have that as an option as to how visible they would be.

    For me the most important thing is how will the ad placements work because its making money online to support my family and daughters in university that counts.

    It is difficult to tell from these samples how much the width of the text modules changes. How much change is there. OMG any significant change means major work checking and realigning hubs. All that after all the work the adjustments caused by Panda required. Pity those that have a lot of hubs, even if the end result is for the best.

    So recap; like the look – but where do the ads go and what about hubber work to modify existing hubs to the new layout.

  22. I’ve got mixed feelings about this.

    On the hub, I do feel that the links to related hubs could potentially keep visitors on HubPages longer than they stay now. That said, I think users should be able to control what shows up. Yes, it should be related, but my current beef about the “related hubs” section thing now is that I’ll have written a hub that is related, but it doesn’t show up on the list — or if it does, it’s at the bottom. I think authors should have more exposure of their own work… so the author’s own related work should be displayed BEFORE related work from other authors. If it’s changed to show more of my work in my hub’s related hubs section, then I am a fan of this. Perhaps the related hubs section could be lighter, somehow so as to not distract from the content. My eyes shifted to the right immediately after checking out the new layout… even after getting used to the design, my eyes still kind of “pull” to the right. I worry this could not only distract readers from the current hub and its content, but from the ads as well. As for the share thing, if it were up at the toppish of the hub, it would sort of stand out more than it does now and look nice. However, it looks like it’ll be something that will follow you down the page… I’m not a fan of websites that do that, but I’m just one person (and a strange one, at that.) I’m a big fan of the color scheme, REALLY! Much better than the current look, it feels really fresh.. just wonder if there is a way to not distract users from the hub and of, course, its ads. I like the related hubs thing at the bottom.

    As for the profile. The slider thing is cool, very fresh looking. Not a fan of the “Hubs” tab. Are those best? Latest? Hottest?
    Also, it takes a LOT out of the bio by having it on a separate page. I do think that some hubbers get really carried away with mile long descriptions of each and every hub they have, etc, but this feels really limiting. What if you gave us a little area like we have now to write but put some sort of word limit on it like 100 words or something and then a read more thing? It would be nice to be more restrictive with the profiles to prevent mile long profiles.

    Btw, thanks so so so so so much for Google +

  23. Oh another thing to add. I don’t know about anyone else, but now that the site is wider, I have a scroll bar at the bottom of FireFox.

    It’s probably because I have the smallest monitor in the world… for a desktop computer that is.

  24. I like it, looks so polished and professional with a magazine editorial feel to it. Nice work, hubpages team.

  25. I am more attracted to facebook ads than google because facebook has some pictures to look at. In hubpages, this new site design with hubs on the side (with some nice pictures) motivates me to go through others hubs too. Btw, I didn’t see the space for the ads

  26. Overall the changes are nice. I have to say the lack of bio isn’t my favorite idea. I like to look at bios when I’m flipping through. Not sure about all the related hubs. While it’s a good idea, sometimes seeing something different helps. Like listing 1/2 related and 1/2 not related? Other than that it looks good.

  27. Hi everyone! Thanks SO much for your comments!
    I’m happy to see that there are several distinct themes in the feedback you’re giving- this lets us know that there are several very clear things that we need to work on.
    The bio will definitely be given more prominence.
    Related Hubs will be toned down and made more distinct from the Hub. I think that a preference may be given to the Hub’s author, but showing related Hubs by other Hubbers benefits YOU, as your high quality Hubs may often be found that way. They’re an important part of our strong site ecosystem.
    The ads on Hubs are not going to be moving around to my understanding- the top one will obviously be wider, but there are no crazy changes there. That said, we’ll be sure to incorporate ads into future comps we share.
    Thanks again everyone! If you want to see more direct responses to comments (many of which reflect your own), visit the forum thread:

  28. The new layout is too busy. The Bio should be short and concise and on the top right. The sidebar should be left side, esp. if the ads are to fit on the page. The ads should be on the right since we read left to right. There needs to be fewer hubs in side bar. Why do we need hubs on the bottom? It’s TMO and you will lose readers. I thought the whole purpose was to write several good articles on a page. We start to look like an ADD hub on steroids. There needs to be a balance. I want good feng shui-hub karma…

  29. I also like the polished look, and agree with less prominence on related hubs and the share button takes too much space on the left. If the share button was within the hub, it would make the hub appear more prominent than the related hubs too – there’s a lot of wasted space on the left side of the page above and below the share button. Other than that, I think it looks very shiny and appealing, fresh, and new. I like the short profile and “read more” feature, because I really do want my hubs to get the attention, and if anyone wants to know more about me they’ll click the extra button. If not, they’ll click a hub which is what I really want!

  30. Wow, this is nice! I’m impressed.=D Everything’s perfect, except for the little “share” box at the left side. It looks kind of out of place to me. But I love the new look. Great job!:)

  31. Simone, you said, “I think that a preference may be given to the Hub’s author, but showing related Hubs by other Hubbers benefits YOU, as your high quality Hubs may often be found that way.”

    You’ve really got me sold there.

  32. looks beautiful and I’m happy to see the +1 button. I’ll make a point to suggest this in the forums later, but it would be really awesome to have a way to display hubs by group in its own tab (the groups we get to organize our hubs into) to make it easier for people to highlight related work who have many hubs.

  33. Both the designs look amazing! I love the magazine-style layout for the hub page layout. One interesting suggestion: would it be possible for the hub owner to have in their preferences a selector option for either displaying their own (related) hubs (if they had related hubs on say – “recruitment”) – or a second option to display other hubbers’ related hubs. You could also have a split option, so maybe show 3 of the writers own related hubs and a “more” button that might go to their group on a different link – and the rest of those related hubs belonging to other hubbers. I am in favor of having those choices.

    In the profile pages, can hubbers promote any websites or blogs they also own, and where would their links appear, or are they in the “More here” window? If they are, then this is fine by me. The Carousel is a cool idea, I use them in my websites and they rock. If the Hubber has total control on what can be shown in the “favorite” hubs feature, (to perhaps promote a re-hashed or edited or updated older hub) then this would be great also. Overall, this is a great step forward. Hubbers will feel like Kings and Queens of their Hubs seeing them in designs as amazing as these. And they are not cluttered. Simple preference boxes could enable a maximum display of related hubs to reduce clutter if required. The wider pages are excellent also. Thank you Hub Pages! 🙂

  34. I like the new look but I don’t think we can really make an educated comment without seeing what it looks like with the ads in place. Also the hub shown is in answer to a question and the other hubs that relate to that question are shown on the right, but what would show if it was not an answer to a question?

    Also agree with others that the profile page should have the full profile bio on it, no two ways about it.

  35. Some of the changes look great, but I would like to offer some input regarding the “Profile Page” if I may.

    While hiding a significant portion of a Hubber’s profile might be a good space saving idea which allows for more “HubVisibility”, the information contained in a profile is what defines and distinguishes each individual writer, the very essence of our personalities and life experiences as condensed, brief, and incomplete as they may be. A profile, or mini “Bio” so to speak, highlights specific attributes and areas of professional expertise that I believe are integral elements of the overall HP experience. I find some profile pages have an enticing effect, peaking my interest and gently pulling me in by the imagination, inviting me to read more and more of a particular Publishers work.

    From looking at the example above which illustrates the planned changes, correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears as if the opportunity for visitors to simply “Click ON” and immerse themselves in an individuals profile or self authored “Biography” in it’s entirety, is indeed an available option. But how many readers will actually press the button and take the additional time? At least with the current layout I believe once a visitor navigates to a profile page, he/she really has no other choice but to visually scan all the info from top to bottom at the very minimum, if not read each word verbatim from beginning to end, which in my opinion is a good thing. Then, once proper introduction and foundation of knowledge about the person who penned the article via “Profile Page” has been established, the journey can begin.

    Just a thought, and my personal input. – P.S. – Some of the other tweaks and changes look very appealing –

    – A.P.-

  36. Hey everyone! Thanks again for the comments and feedback. I’ve been taking note of everything and making counts of the opinions on the most contentious issues and will be bringing them up at our upcoming design meeting.

  37. Great Job HP! There are many things I love about this. The profile page is awesome. My only complaint is about the bio section. I don’t like to have to click to a dozen places to find someone’s bio or more information about them. Is there a way to organize it so it could be a bit bigger in the spot you picked, with a word count, so longwinded people like me don’t overdo it? I loved the new hub layout, but again, my only complaint is the share bar that floats with you. Those things drive me nuts when I am trying to read. It’s like an add that wont shut up or quit popping up. Maybe if it was stationary it would be more appealing. I love the fact that you are trying to promote more hubs, whether it is for the author or other readers. Thank you for putting in more information on how many hubbers we follow and how many hubbers follow us. It was less confusing for me.
    Thank you for all the hard work you guys have put into improving these pages. Anything to make it easier for writers to earn money is a big plus. Looking forward to the changes.

  38. Personally, I prefer my profile/bio to be in full from the start page, but that’s because if we’re using subdomains, then I’d like to think of my profile as my homepage, and I want visitors to see the information regarding me right off the hop, front and center, where it’s easy to find.

    I also use social networking sites besides G+, FB, and Twitter, so I would like that to be easy to find.

    That’s just my personal opinion. I am looking forward to the new hub design though, and other elements of the profile are pretty cool.

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