Online Writing InsiderWhen you hear the word “brand” you may think of companies, not writers, but creating a strong personal brand is very important if you wish to make it as an author.

For this week’s Online Writing Insider podcast, Pia Chatterjee and I discuss four simple things you can do to build your personal brand as a writer- both online and IRL.  This episode is inspired by one of Pia’s previous On Writing Well blog posts (How to Create Brand Awareness as a Writer), which we discuss and expand on in the podcast.

Are there online writing challenges, issues, or practices that you would like to see discussed in this series? Tell us about it! We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

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5 replies on “Establishing Your Personal Brand

  1. This is useful and was interesting to learn also. I have been building my reputation as a writer and my “brand” so this helped me to know the perspective form the other side. Having a heavy and unique accent, I will be limited in the readings that could be successful. But I sure can promote and talk about them all. Thanks!

  2. I would have been interested in this information if it was presented in writing. I find podcasts and videos too frustrating to use, because it is not possible to skim unessential bits rapidly and go back to reread important bits.

  3. Very nice, Simone and Pia. I enjoyed listening and getting more ideas about branding. I like the idea of simply being out and being around other writers. I think it’s imperative to get out and be around real live people in contrast to our online presence. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This information was very helpful and interesting and certainly reinforced what I heard before about developing a brand! Thanks!

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