Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsThe Y chromosome is a fascinating thing, as anyone who has read leahlefler’s Hub The Y Chromosome: Ancestry, Genetics, and the Making of a Man could tell you.

In this episode of Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts (Y Chromosomes – Bundles of Genetic Fun), Jason Menayan and Simone Smith discuss leahlefler’s fascinating exploration of the Y chromosome. ¬†There is much more to this scrawny packet of genetic information than one might expect!

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2 replies on “Y Chromosomes – Bundles of Genetic Fun

  1. Well, I suppose this is reason #243 to check the HP blog. You never know when you might be featured! I have to admit (to Jason)- choosing chemical engineering is a better choice (at least, it leads to a more lucrative career field). Simone, you could always snag some spit from a male relative to find your haplogroup: you would belong to the same group as your (hypothetical) father, brother, or son.

    1. Hehee, this is true! And excellent point about nabbing some spit from a male relative- I just might do that! I think I’ll just tackle someone and do it, too- without any explanation. That’d be really fun. Tehehee!

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