This Monday, we will be introducing a feature that I am particularly excited about: the Hub of the Day.  One Hub of the Day will be chosen by HubPages staff every day based on its interesting subject matter, good writing, and beautiful formatting.  The Hub of the Day will be showcased before the HubPages community and casual site visitors alike, and its author will receive a special Accolade (designed, of course, by James Edmondson, who also created the excellent logo for the Share and Share a Like contest).

Fawntia Fowler (of new signed-in homepageMap Capsule, and improved photo capsule fame) built this fantastic feature, and shares its basic details below:

Where does the Hub of the Day show up?

The Hub of the Day appears in two places: for signed out users, it appears in the large-format carousel at the top of the homepage. For signed in users, it appears in the sidebar of your homepage next to your feed. That means that everyone – signed in or not – will see today’s Hub of the Day on their homepage.

How long will the Hub of the Day continue to appear on the signed-out homepage?

We will display the ten most recent Hubs of the Day on the signed-out home page. So if your Hub is chosen as Hub of the Day, it will be on the signed-out homepage for ten days.

Is there an archive where people will be able to see all of the previous Hub of the Day Hubs?

Yes! Here is the archive (but it is empty now, of course).

The Hub of the Day Accolade is rather unique in that it shows up in more places than just a Hubber’s profile.  Could you tell us more about that?

The Hub of the Day Accolade will also appear on the winning Hub next to the title as a permanent testament to the quality of the Hub.

An example of what the Hub of the Day Accolade looks like when displayed on a Hub

Is there anything else about the feature that you’d like to add?

I had fun building this feature and I hope that the community has fun with it, too!

.    .    .

Big thanks to Fawntia for creating this feature, and to James for designing the super cool Accolade.  We hope that you find the Hubs of the Day both inspiring and interesting.

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11 replies on “Introducing the Hub of the Day Feature

  1. So, it seems to me, the choice will have nothing to do with writers – of all published hubs on the particular day the best will be chosen. No need to submit a request “I’d like to participate in the Hub of the Day Feature/Contest”.

    Is that right? I wonder how many hubs are published daily on average? It must be a difficult task to choose.

  2. Thanks, y’all!

    OddDustin – Hubs of the Day are most likely to be recently published Hubs, but they’re not likely to be Hubs that were JUST published that very same day.

    And you’re correct, kallini2010- all Hubs on HubPages, new and old, are eligible to become Hubs of the Day. It’s difficult to choose them, but HubPages staff spends so much time reading Hubs every day that we’re always stumbling across Hubs that we would like to feature 😀

  3. Accolades to the Hubpages staff for doing so many motivating and encouraging things for us hubbers! Thank you.

  4. I just read a hub which I think was informative, well written and well photographed. It is entitled: Top 10 Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress by Andreajoy. I am unsure if this is how to nominate one.

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