Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsAre you a Tintin fan? Are you excited about the upcoming Tintin film?
Whether you’re familiar with the illustrated Tintin masterpieces or not, now is the time to brush up!
In this episode of Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts (The Amazing Adventures of Tintin), Pia Chatterjee and I discuss all things Tintin, as presented in an amazing Hub by Docmo.
Listen in to learn more about Georges Prosper Remi (aka Hergé), his background and artistic processes, Tintin movies, and even the potential sources of inspiration for Tintin’s character.

And don’t forget to read the Hub that inspired it all: The Amazing Adventures of Tintin.  Great Hub, Docmo!

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5 replies on “The Amazing Adventures of Tintin by Docmo

  1. Love Tintin (and his dog, Snowy). Thanks for pointing us to Docmo’s hub. I’m looking forward to reading that and viewing the HP podcast! Say…perhaps they should be called “HubCasts.” ;->

  2. Simone and Pia, I am delighted and thoroughly humbled for choosing to showcase my Tintin hub in your wonderful podcast. Thank you both so much.

    Really enjoyed your conversations and the rich detail on Herge and his creation. Brilliant!

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