Fascinating FictionWhen we first launched the Fascinating Fiction podcast, we received many recommendations to feature Hubs by WillStarr.  If you listened to last week’s short story, The Scent of Evil, you are already familiar with this author.

While The Scent of Evil is a great short story, WillStarr is more known for his Westerns on HubPages, so it would be only fair to share on of these works as well.

I therefore happily present you with Western Short Story – Hired On, read this time by Aficionada.

In addition to listening in, we recommend you have a look at the original Hub as well as WillStarr’s other short stories.  And big thanks to Aficionada for the fantastic reading!

Do you have a short story you would like to recommend for our podcast? Send us an email!

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4 replies on “Western Short Story – Hired On

  1. Thanks, Haunty! I wish I had managed to avoid the annoying “aspirations” better. If you – or others – are interested in reading some of these stories, check out Website Examiner’s tips (in the interview linked from The Scent of Evil podcast).

    I’ve been impressed, even amazed, to see and read how many great fiction writers we have here. WillStarr is absolutely one of the best.

  2. WillStarr is a master at subtle character development and painting a picture of the old west scenery. Good stuff.

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