This is just a reminder that we will be phasing out Kontera in-text ads on Monday, June 6th. After that date, no Kontera ads will be displayed on Hubs. This follows an announcement made by Simone a couple of months ago.

To check the status of your Kontera account, earnings balance, and payout thresholds, please visit the Kontera website and click on My Account.  Questions to Kontera can be sent to

If you do not already have an affiliate account with Kontera, you do not need to take any action.


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8 replies on “Kontera phased out on Monday, June 6

  1. Kontera will not be missed. I have never made a penny from it since I registered with them…good riddance.

  2. Are there any plans for a replacement? I’ve been forced to shut down all my hubs because Google Adsense unfairly blocked my account. Since HubPages ads are Adsense based, I’m stuck with only Amazon purchases…not worth it for only one option.

    1. Avery – I’m afraid not. If you have your own site, too, you could try to get in to the eBay Affiliate Program, too; it’s difficult to get into nowadays, but we do support it, as well. – Jason

  3. That’s a shame really. All it takes is one malicious person to over-click my ads and I’m completely shut out with no options but to close up shop. There needs to be better protections in place. I find it hard to believe that Google AdSense isn’t capable of filtering out duplicate clicks and protecting its publishers.

    I second the idea of Infolinks.

  4. I’ve never understood why people call Kontera a scam; I’ve made a small fortune with them over the years, including over $900 last December (my best month with them). So they’re going to be missed as far as I’m concerned. But maybe people will click AdSense ads instead.

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