With the HubPages Ad Program rollout last week, there has been a lot of curiosity about how it works and what sort of impact it makes.  Though 500 Hubbers have already gotten their invites to opt in to the program, they are only just getting started.

We took some time to chat with relache – one of the Hubbers who has been signed on with the HubPages Ad Program as a beta tester since January.  Read our exchange below to get a better idea of how it has been so far for her!

First, a bit of background – how long have you been on HubPages?

My very first Hub was published in July 2006.  HubPages as a whole was still in its initial beta test phase.

What are your favorite topics to write about?

My favorite things to write about are things that are part of my daily life or life-long interests:  body art, costuming, places I travel, whatever I’ve been doing around the house.  If I’m not interested in it, I can’t really write about it.  That’s probably why I’ve never gotten going as a ghostwriter or writer-for-hire.  People only ever pitch horrible web-spam topics to me, wanting me to write for them.

Since joining in on the HubPages Ad Program as a beta tester, have you seen an increase in your earnings?

Overall I have.  Looking more up close and personal at it, everything is “bouncing” right now both from the changes that that ad program itself had on my Hubs and from the February Google algorithm changes.  I’m curious to see what happens as the ad program rolls out to more users, especially since I have a few really strong referral writers linked to my account.

Most Hubbers who have opted in to the HubPages Ad Program are just getting started.  Do you have any advice for them?

As with all things related to the Internet, you need patience.  And you need to keep in mind the panoramic-view, not the micro-view.   I saw a HUGE drop in my AdSense earnings when the HubPages Ad Program first got implemented on my Hubs (I was warned that probably would happen), and the drop from that change has been pervasive and persistent since the inception (The changes from the Feb Google stuff then happened on top of that).  I’ll figure I’ll know in six months what my new AdSense is with all the new configurations, but for anyone who just can’t handle drastic change, perhaps they should consider not opting-in to this.

I think anyone who is curious to try a new program, who wants to investigate a new revenue option, or those who just wish they could earn more from their Hubs should consider trying it.  I also think they need to take a vow to themselves to let the program run for two months and not post a daily freak-out in the forums.  Web effectiveness is best evaluated with weeks or months of data, not hours or days.

As far as making an income on HubPages in general goes, what one practice has helped you the most?

I think ignoring trends has actually been beneficial.  I eschew the whole social networking thing.  I had to laugh when the blog post came out in early February that advised site users on “the secret” to finding good Hub topics because I’ve been operating that way for over four years.  I’ve had people scoff at me when I say I try and write Hubs that I myself would want to read or use instead of chasing some hot phrase or doing SEO research, but I’m not about to change my methodology at this point.

[Thanks, relache!]

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Aside from participating in the program, relache is also actively involved in HubMeets, and has one coming up this April in Seattle, Washington – if you live in the area, you should RSVP and join in on the fun!

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14 replies on “Hubber Relache Shares Her Experience with the HubPages Ads Program

  1. Well thanks for that. Interesting post and a valued perspective. I’ve started with the ad program and of course it’s affected adsense. I didn’t expect any less (though who wouldn’t love both to fly off the charts?!) and will sit on it to give it time to settle and even out.

    Like many others I’ve felt a drop in traffic, most of it related to one particular topic, which is interesting. Anyway, I’m lookinf forward to what the mid term brings and I’m pretty confident I’m going to like the results.

  2. Shew! Now that explains what just happened to my AdSense $. Oh, well I’m up for it. I don’t mind a bit of experimenting. Thanks for the info!

  3. I strongly agree with you, Relache and have always followed the same philosophy.

    If Google’s cleanup is actually ever successful, a lot of folks will give up Internet writing because they’ll be locked out of any gains, but folks like you and I will still be chugging along as we always did.

  4. All I can add at this point of being in the HubPages Ad Program for less than a week is that after the Google changes in February my Google adsense income took a nose dive. So I am just happy to see some income coming in from another source…that of HubPages. I think that the HubPages owners and staff continually come up with ways to help us of which I am grateful. So far…Rated Up!

  5. Thanks for explaining it well, relache. Changes are inevitable. It’s a challenge for me to write more sensible hubs that will be cohesive to HubPages Ad Program.

  6. Since I opted in my adsense has also dropped but I am so glad I opted in because I think more revenue streams are important especially since the changes Google made with the algorithm.

    I think Hubpages is making great strides and am so glad – I really enjoy Hubpages.

  7. My AdSense crashed in February, as well. I was vastly relieved to find out why 😀 – am very interested to see how the HubPages Ad program will perform in the long run. Diversifying one’s income streams is always beneficial.

  8. This is…interesting. I never knew about the Google Smackdown–don’t frequent the forums much, just keep on writing. My February AdSense figures took ZERO hit, chugged right on through.

    Just got my inivite for the HubPages Ad Program recently, so have only three full days (plus one partial) to report…but with that caveat: So far (!) HubPages income is running a few pennies per day AHEAD OF AdSense. And AdSense hasn’t dropped at all that I can see.

    If a month (or 6) of results show this awesome trend continuing, the question will be: Why? That is, why no February dip for AdSense, why HubPages Ad Program (HPAP?) $ at 100% of AdSense, and why no dip in AdSense income after adding HubPages.

    Possibilities: Google’s algorithm changes weren’t related to my writing output?? After all, I write for an audience of serious do-it-yourself builders, alternative health folks, and hardcore political types, not for commercial purposes as such–maybe “we” are immune?

    We’ll see….:lol:

  9. I’m very interested in learning what % earnings increased overall with the advertising program. (increased compared to traffic volume)

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