The Perks of the HubPages Earnings Program

Are you signed up for the HubPages Earnings Program? If not, you might want to consider doing so!

Some of the major perks of this earnings option include:

  • Potentially higher earnings (our first group of beta testers earned 50% more from their work)
  • Access to the HubPages Ad Program (responsible for the boost in earnings many Hubbers experience), which features an optimized mix of premium ads from multiple ad partners
  • A lower payout threshold ($50 instead of $100), which enables many Hubbers to enjoy more frequent payouts
  • Multiple HubPages revenue streams paid through one channel (HubPages Earnings Program income includes Ad Program and eBay earnings as well as Apprenticeship Program bonuses and contest winnings)

Though these are compelling benefits, the HubPages Earnings Program is not for those who:

  • Prefer to analyze ad performance through Google Analytics reports
  • Feature AdSense ads on multiple websites and prefer to receive all AdSense earnings through that one channel
  • Are not able to set up PayPal accounts (PayPal is not available in some countries, and is our only means of distributing HubPages Earnings Program payments)

To get a full understanding of how these earnings opportunities work, stop by our official Learning Center guides to the HubPages Ad Program and the HubPages Earnings Program.

We hope you’ll consider signing up (to do so, visit the signup page and follow the step-by-step instructions, which will guide you through submitting tax information and associating a PayPal account).

The Second Wave of HubPages Ad Program Invites!

We are quite happy to announce that a second wave of invites to the HubPages Ad Program has been sent out to the community. The first half of invites was sent yesterday and the second half will be sent today.

More waves of invites will be going out soon.  When you get your email notification and wish to opt in to the program, simply follow the instructions provided. If you wish to continue on HubPages with no affiliate programs, or just with AdSense, Amazon, and/or eBay, you can just leave things as they are 😀

To the uninitiated, the HubPages Ad Program brings to your Hubs a mix of premium ads from various ad partners which run in concert with AdSense ads and any other Amazon or eBay capsules in Hubs. The program first rolled out at the beginning of this month and will be available to everyone on HubPages by June of this year, if not sooner.

To learn more, read over the details of the HubPages Ad Program, and stop by the forum thread about the second wave of invites.

Congrats to those who can now opt in!

Patty Inglish, MS on the HubPages Ad Program and Building an Online Presence

Ever the prolific and active Hubber, Patty Inglish, MS is always on the cutting edge of special HubPages efforts. As one of the HubNuggets team, she is involved with curating great Hubs by promising new Hubbers, and knows a good online article when she sees it.  Beyond that, Patty has an amazing background in Preventative Medicine, Russian, Psychology, Math, Asian Studies, the Sciences, and Martial Arts. In other words, this Hubber knows what she’s doing!

In January of this year, Patty Inglish, MS joined on as one of the HubPages Ad Program beta testers. Now that the program has rolled out to 500 Hubbers and shall be available to more soon, we took some time to sit down with Patty and hear her thoughts on the program, as well as the recent Google algorithm changes.

Read the interview below to learn more about the new HubPages Ad Program- and to get some great Hubbing advice as well!

HubPages: First off, could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I just celebrated my 4th Year Anniversary with HubPages and received an updated Accolade Badge on my profile. It’s been an educational and profitable experience. While some are worried about the Google content-farm incidents, I am able to make a living by writing for HubPages.

My education includes the MS in preventive medicine, a BA in psychology second major in Russian, and minors in mathematics, sciences, and Asian studies. All of these have helped me in the health and medical research, as well as psychological and vocational testing and interpretation, and new instrument production. I am also a film, literary, and music critic; and have continued writing in Business and Employment, city reviews, employment trends, and resumes and portfolios. All of the above are topics about which I write on HubPages. I have ranked in five martial arts at 9th dan grandmaster over the course of 29 years and am a consultant to International groups. My purpose in teaching martial arts is to relieve physical ailments and improve mental and physical health and personal accomplishments. This has included avoiding surgery and discarding wheelchairs. I am concerned with using my complete background in guiding people to find their individual vocational callings and to stay well while they work into more advanced ages in the future. Fun should also be part of all of this.

How did you get started on HubPages? And what are your favorite things to write about?

I was looking for additional work in 2006. My nonprofit employer had reached the end of its federal job training funds that expired under the Clinton Administration. Our nonprofit employment and training offices closed in late 2005, but during 2004, salaries were cut by 20% and more, so I took some freelance writing assignments. However, several Internet sites for which I wrote could not stay afloat financially and failed. Two never paid at all. A great looking online magazine went out of business. The article sites were all very plain, with no illustrations, very few ads, no forums, and no sales affiliates, all of which make HubPages more successful. HubPages looks active, alive, and growing, because it is.

Since you got started with the HubPages Ad Program as a beta tester in January, have you seen any change in your earnings?

Indeed I have. My earnings of (AdSense + HubPages Ads) equal 150% of my former income from AdSense alone. My page views have decreased a bit during the last week or so, but income is rising, especially with HubPages Ads, which are surpassing AdSense earnings for me. I recommend that Hubbers sign up.

For those Hubbers who are excited about signing up for the program soon, what advice do you have? What sorts of things can they do in advance to prepare themselves?

I’d advise HubPages writers to write the most original content they can muster – and this includes fresh, new takes on older information. Use the HubPages capsules of Google Maps, Tables, Photos, and RSS feeds. The last one is particularly good for pointing readers to more of your Hubs. Importantly, don’t add to clichés and today’s myths and spam circulated by email (new wives’ tales?), but write about what you know and apply it in a way that is different and may solve a problem or provide a new service. Watch out for Wikipedia information, because it is often copied directly from somewhere else and may not be completely accurate. I never link to it. Even with references, the references may be interpreted off kilter there. Use the references and do your own interpretation. Wikimedia Commons is a good place for public domain images – I myself found only one in 4 years that was actually copyrighted material. Take your own photos, too.

Could you offer any general advice on building an online presence?

Be determined to write consistently about a few of your favorite topics and do so with integrity and good humor. Read others’ work and note which styles and content are most successful. Enter the 30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge and publish a new Hub every day for several weeks. However completing 20 Hubs in a month a great start and the people in that challenge forum will encourage you. Do not be dissuaded from writing by bullies that leave nasty comments in your Hub threads or by spammers selling something with a link there – shoes to call girls. When the famous author Lilian Jackson Braun, who worked in the press and published books from ages 17 to 95 or so, became a reporter and editor for the Detroit Free Press, she was told that people would write in with attacks on her personally and on her work, every day. They did and she survived, aged 98 today, but finally retired.

Make friends and participate in the Forums, but don’t be distracted by the occasional argument. Do spend more time participating in the special programs on HubPages. As a new writer, your Hubs will already experience more traffic as part of HubPages Community than if you were publishing alone and many of the programs give you the support and influence of an additional group. HubMob, HubTrails, 30 Hubs in 30 Days, HubPages Top Of the Class, and other HubPages Contests all work very well to increase your traffic. Read through the Learning Center and find all the programs.

Do some social networking as well – I use Facebook, Twitter, Twaitter, William Shatner’s MyOuterSpace, and a few others listed on my profile. Many Hubbers have written about their social network choices. Use the HubPages search box at the top of the page and enter “social networking”, read, enjoy, and make some choices.

Answer Hub Questions as well. The more you can answer with solid information and sincere opinions, the larger your presence will be. Skip the nonsense questions and those that are stale because appear everywhere on the Internet. Think of some good, fresh questions to ask as well.

Use the Help Forums – Need Help? – Ask Here and Report a Problem or Suggest a New Feature and check out all the rest, as time permits. I am the longest tenured roundup writer in the HubNuggets Wannabes Program and we post a new roundup Hub of writing by good writers every Friday. There’s no official entry and eligible Hubs are gathered by computer – just write your best work in each Hub you produce when you join and as a new Hubber, you may be chosen one week (visit the Learning Center and see the great video for us). Good writing and good Hubs stand out. So, I send you best wishes for your success!

[Thanks, Patty Inglish, MS!]

Hubber Relache Shares Her Experience with the HubPages Ads Program

With the HubPages Ad Program rollout last week, there has been a lot of curiosity about how it works and what sort of impact it makes.  Though 500 Hubbers have already gotten their invites to opt in to the program, they are only just getting started.

We took some time to chat with relache – one of the Hubbers who has been signed on with the HubPages Ad Program as a beta tester since January.  Read our exchange below to get a better idea of how it has been so far for her!

First, a bit of background – how long have you been on HubPages?

My very first Hub was published in July 2006.  HubPages as a whole was still in its initial beta test phase.

What are your favorite topics to write about?

My favorite things to write about are things that are part of my daily life or life-long interests:  body art, costuming, places I travel, whatever I’ve been doing around the house.  If I’m not interested in it, I can’t really write about it.  That’s probably why I’ve never gotten going as a ghostwriter or writer-for-hire.  People only ever pitch horrible web-spam topics to me, wanting me to write for them.

Since joining in on the HubPages Ad Program as a beta tester, have you seen an increase in your earnings?

Overall I have.  Looking more up close and personal at it, everything is “bouncing” right now both from the changes that that ad program itself had on my Hubs and from the February Google algorithm changes.  I’m curious to see what happens as the ad program rolls out to more users, especially since I have a few really strong referral writers linked to my account.

Most Hubbers who have opted in to the HubPages Ad Program are just getting started.  Do you have any advice for them?

As with all things related to the Internet, you need patience.  And you need to keep in mind the panoramic-view, not the micro-view.   I saw a HUGE drop in my AdSense earnings when the HubPages Ad Program first got implemented on my Hubs (I was warned that probably would happen), and the drop from that change has been pervasive and persistent since the inception (The changes from the Feb Google stuff then happened on top of that).  I’ll figure I’ll know in six months what my new AdSense is with all the new configurations, but for anyone who just can’t handle drastic change, perhaps they should consider not opting-in to this.

I think anyone who is curious to try a new program, who wants to investigate a new revenue option, or those who just wish they could earn more from their Hubs should consider trying it.  I also think they need to take a vow to themselves to let the program run for two months and not post a daily freak-out in the forums.  Web effectiveness is best evaluated with weeks or months of data, not hours or days.

As far as making an income on HubPages in general goes, what one practice has helped you the most?

I think ignoring trends has actually been beneficial.  I eschew the whole social networking thing.  I had to laugh when the blog post came out in early February that advised site users on “the secret” to finding good Hub topics because I’ve been operating that way for over four years.  I’ve had people scoff at me when I say I try and write Hubs that I myself would want to read or use instead of chasing some hot phrase or doing SEO research, but I’m not about to change my methodology at this point.

[Thanks, relache!]

.     .     .

Aside from participating in the program, relache is also actively involved in HubMeets, and has one coming up this April in Seattle, Washington – if you live in the area, you should RSVP and join in on the fun!

The HubPages Ad Program

Yesterday, you may have noticed news stories on All Things Digital and CNET that alluded to a new HubPages advertising program.  Before that, some of you noticed changes in our Terms of Service that alluded to that very same change.  Why did we not officially announce something on the site until now?  It was a bit of a secret program until now! We wanted to give these reporters a scoop on the story, and it’s not really a scoop if we’ve already spilled the beans on our site.

But at long last, we can say it loud and clear: HubPages is launching an entirely new channel through which you can earn an income on the site: the HubPages Ad Program!

About the Program

We are introducing this option to make it possible for you to earn as much as possible by offering an optimized mix of premium ads from multiple ad partners that will run alongside the Google AdSense ads on your Hubs, as well as any Amazon or eBay capsules you use.

You might be wondering how the HubPages Ad Program will impact your earnings from HubPages. To give you an idea of its effectiveness, nine beta tester Hubbers who had the program turned on for their accounts in January and February experienced an average earnings increase of over 50%! Not bad, huh?

Opting In

You’re probably wondering how you can activate the HubPages Ad Program on your own account. As the program is new, we are inviting Hubbers to use it in waves, with the first wave of invites going out tomorrow, March 3rd. If all goes according to plan, the HubPages Ad Program will be available to all Hubbers by June of this year.

Once you are invited to become a part of the HubPages Ad Program, you will have a choice to opt in or keep things the way they are. Once you have opted in to the program, your earnings through the program can begin! Payment is through PayPal, and your first payout will take place once you’ve reached a $50 payment threshold.

Whether you choose to use it or not, the HubPages Ad Program was created by HubPages to make your experience as an online author better than ever.  We hope you enjoy it!


To respond to some of your comments and questions below:

The traditional ad format looks like the layout to the left; the HubPages Ad Program format looks like the layout to the right.

The HubPages Ad Program adds additional revenue-generating spots on your Hub.

More Details:

  • Invitations will be sent out in waves to Hubbers – there will be a bit of randomness involved, but a priority will be given to those who are active on the site.  We are simply trying to bring this major program to scale gradually, to make sure that everything works perfectly.
  • You must have a valid AdSense account to qualify for the HubPages Ad Program. They are designed to be complimentary.
  • The other affiliate programs already available on HubPages (e.g. Amazon, etc.) work along with the HubPages Ad Program.
  • You must have a valid PayPal account in order to receive payments from the HubPages Ad Program.
  • The process for opting into and signing up for the HubPages Ad Program is very simple, so once you get an invite, just follow the directions 😀

For more information, check out our Learning Center guide to the HubPages Ad Program.  To ask questions and discuss the HubPages Ad Program with the HubPages community, visit the official forum thread.